ORn huge Cory Higgins celebrated in advance his 31st birthday in the best possible way, signing a superlative performance (26 points with 6/9 s2, 2/2 triples and 8/10 free throws, in addition to receiving 6 fouls) with which Barça destroyed Real Madrid (75-89), who competed at a high level until the beginning of the third quarter. After the break, the Barça guard scored 16 points to lead a 0-17 partial in just five minutes it was deadly of necessity for whites (44-54, min 24), who fell collapsed before the offensive gale culé and were no longer able to get up.

The Real Madrid kept the type until then thanks to his rebound mastery. He ended up winning that battle (45-39) with 21 offensive rebounds, an outrage that was of no use to him when the Barça he honed his aim after the break. Tavares (16 + 11) showed his face in the area, but on a day when he did not appear Garuba, the help you received from Causeur (12), Rudy (10) and Llull (8) was not enough for his team, which benefited from the poor 5/12 free throws of his rival in the first part.

The Catalans improved that scourge in the resumption (22/34) and the inspiration of Higgins and the solidity of Gasol (8 + 8 + 2) joined the doll of Kuric (11), the late resurrection of Mirotic (9 + 7), almost unpublished in the first half, and the masterful direction of Calathes (12 + 4 + 4), who conducted his team’s symphony in the second part. That was missing Madrid, who limped into base position. Alocen was soon loaded with faults, Llull was not so inspired this time and Abalde he only served as provisional director. Without a rudder, it was not surprising that the whites lost their way as soon as the Barça, which limited his triples a lot, pressed back.

Nothing foreshadowed that collapse after the brilliant staging of the whites (9-0, min 4), Tavares imposed his evergadura before Davies and a misplaced Mirotic, and the reappeared Abalde Y Alocen they also added. The Barça recovered his pulse with the input of Gasol (6 + 5 + 2 until half time) Y Kuric. The pivot culé intimidated (plugs to Tavares and Garuba), and degreased the Barça attack with the escort (14-12, min 8). But Barça lost the compass with the entry of an accelerated Bolmaro for Calathes and Madrid took advantage of it thanks to an incisive Llull (23-15, min 11).

As soon as Jasikevicius sat down Gasoline the figure of Poirier, who stretched the white income with his compatriot Causeur (28-19, min 15). Davies stopped the bleeding and Mirotic scored his first point in minute 16 (28-24). But Barça he was weighed down by mistakes since the free throw (5/12 at halftime with Calathes 0/4) and for the 10 white offensive rebounds (32-24, min 17). Dolls Higgins Y Kuric (with two triples) led the Catalans, well in the defense of the triple whites (3/12), to match the match with a 0-8 (32-32). Madrid, dominator of the rebound (25-17) with Tavares (7 + 8 + 1) and Llull (8) featured, went to the dressing rooms with an advantage (36-33).

The Madrid did well in the restart led by Abalde Y Alocen, who immediately committed his fourth offense. Tavares at times imposed his law before Gasoline to maintain local income (44-37, min 24). Higgins appeared to the rescue of Barça with 10 points (including a triple and a 2 + 1), and the Catalans broke the game with a 2 + 1 from Calathes, a triple from Mirotic and two other baskets of a Higgins irrepressible (21). The Barça partial in five minutes (0-17) left the white team mortally wounded (44-54, min 28).

The Madrid He was unable to see a ring before the suffocating defense of the Catalans, who benefited from the resurrection of Mirotic. Rudy and Carroll barely avoided the total collapse of Laso’s (52-61, min 29), that happened in the last quarter. Rudy and Poirier they prolonged the agony of the locals to the heroic (56-66), until they appeared Davies, Calathes and Higgins, who put the finishing touch to his exalted performance by establishing the Culé maximum income (56-74, min 33). The Madrid He no longer got up from the canvas, except to lose his papers, seeing how technical paths were pointed out to him. Rudy and Taylor, sample of the impotence that they experienced in a second part in which they were swept away.

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