ORA true masterpiece, a performance for the annals of history, is what the fans of Santiago Martín de Tenerife witnessed in their team’s 86-83 victory over a struggling Monbus Obradoiro.

And it is that Marcelinho Huertasnot content with beating his PIR personal record (38) after 570 games in the Endesa League, has surpassed none other than George Gervin as the oldest player to reach 30 points in the competition.

the basis of Lenovo Tenerifewho will fulfill 39 years in two months, he is only one less than the ACB itself, pulverizing the mark he achieved in 1990, at 38 years and 29 days, the four-time top scorer in the NBA and a member of the Hall of Fame, also in Tenerife.

Gervinthen player of the TDK Manresa, reached 31 points in the last and decisive match of the playoff for permanence against Tenerife Nº1, after a tie where he averaged 36.5 points on average. Crazy.

At that time orchards he was just a child. Today, 32 years later, he has broken the record with a monstrous performance: 33 points13 of 19 in field goals, 7 assists for a PIR of 38.

Via Marca.com