Simmons comes to Alicante after a great season in Germany, in which he has led Artland Dragons with 19.7 points and 3.7 assists in the 27 regular season games he has played. Simmons went up to an average rating of 17.3 credits per game.

The new HLA Alicante player has experience in Eurocup and FIBA ??Basketball Champions League. Simmons arrives in Alicante after a season in which he has finished above 40% accuracy in T3 and more than 50% in two-point shots.

Gerel Simmons joins a squad that includes Pedro Llompart, Guillem Arcos, Rolandas Jakstas, Joan Tomàs, Osvaldas Matulionis, Walter Jr Cabral, Joey Van Zegeren and Fran Pilepic.

Gonzalo García de Vitoria has pointed out about Simmons:

“He is a player with incredible scoring ability. He has shown it in all the leagues he has been in and comes with that scorer role. He is a player with the ability to unblock. He is a player hungry to improve and grow. He is a player of a high level for the team and the league “


2016-17 (Belarus); Rilski:
2017 (Uruguay); Green-red:
2018-19; (Montenegro); KK Ibar Rozaje
2019-20; (Iceland); Tindastoll
2020-21; (ProA Germany); Artland dragons