To start the week we announce that the Alicante base, Ángela Mataix, will not continue in the Hozono Global Jairis and, therefore, will not be under the orders of Lucas Fernández in the debut of the team in LF Endesa.

It has been two incredible seasons, 62 games, in which we have enjoyed Ángela’s great game, vision and success from the outside.

We are sure that this moment is a simple “see you later” and that the paths of the young player from Alicante and our team will unite again in the future.

From the club we only have words of gratitude for Ángela for her predisposition, camaraderie, work and effort in defending the Jairista colors from the first moment she landed in Alcantarilla. We wish her all the luck in the world in the next stage that she will face this coming season, we are sure that she will continue to evolve both professionally and personally.