ANDl Lenovo Tenerife Tenerife suffered more than expected this Tuesday to overcome a great Coosur Betis (99-97) in a duel postponed from matchday 18 that was decided in extra time. The Brazilian Marcelinho Huertas was once again the one who calmed down his team in the decisive moments of the game, directing and scoring when his team needed him.

The Andalusian team, with eight seconds remaining in the match and with the score 99-97, was unable to successfully resolve the clash with Evans who, although he was the engine of his team and decisive in the final stretch of the clash, he was not fresh in the final play and “ate” the ball without being able to solve it successfully.

Data sheet

  • 99 – Lenovo Tenerife (23+20+22+19+15). Fitipaldo (19), Salin (9), Doornekamp (3), Wiltjer (6), Shermadini (20) -initial-, Sulejmanovic (7), Huertas (26), Guerra (4), Todorovic (3) and Rodríguez ( two).
  • 97 – Coosur Betis (26+21+10+27+13). Evans (21), Bertans (20), Burjandze (18), Brown (7), Pasecniks (12) -initial-, Cvetkovic (2), Almazán (3), Wiley (14) and Báez (-)

But today was, without a doubt, a good game with a Coosur Betis dedicated at all times, with players who put up a lot of trouble on the pitch such as Burjadanze, Bertans, Pasecnicks and Evans, but who faced a Lenovo Tenerife who, Despite not having any luck in the outside shot, he did hit the inside game with a Gio Shermadini who took advantage of the balls he received.

A very even first quarter with two teams that were very active in their offensive work, scoring well, but with certain problems in defense, mainly Lenovo Tenerife, which allowed the bottom of the ACB a lot.

Sasu Salin and Bruno Fitipaldo, on the outside, and Shermadini, on the inside, did a lot of damage to the rival defence, while Betis had Burjadanze and Evans as their most decisive men, although it was their control on the rebound that allowed them to come up with a certain advantage at the end of the first quarter (23-26).

In the second quarter, Coosur Betis took the initiative. And he did it by running and giving the game a stronger rhythm, taking advantage, not only of his rival’s offensive doubts, but also of the turnovers of a Lenovo that saw how little by little the Andalusian team took control of the game .

Txus Vidorreta tried almost everything. He put two point guards on the court at the same time -Fitipaldo and Huertas-, as well as two of his best shooters -Salin and Todorovic-, with two good rebounders -Shermadini and Doornekamp-, but they were unable to stop a much more accurate rival in attack, especially Bertans, very successful in his outside launches.

A run of 0-7 at the beginning of the second quarter made the difference go to 10 points (23-33) and the maximum so far would come in the 15th minute with a 26-41 difference that the people of Tenerife managed to lower before of reaching the break (43-47).

After the break, Huertas and Salin, with a triple each, put the score in favor of their team (49-47), but it was Bruno Fitipaldo who gave an important change to his team with actions of merit to put his team with six points up (60-54), maximum advantage so far.

But Coosur Betis, who had done the most difficult, put Lenovo Tenerife in trouble, never gave up. Pasecniks became a key in the first moments of the fourth period by scoring the first three baskets of his team and with him an Evans with very fast and effective vertical attacks.

Coosur Betis, who came to be losing by eight points with six minutes to go (71-63), managed to reach the end of the forty minutes with options, mainly thanks to the work and success of Burjadanze and Wiley, but on the insular side was Huertas who knew how to successfully manage his team in that final stretch.

Despite everything, he could not get his team to win before extra time was reached since Burjadanze scored that tie at 84 and the match went into extra time.

There was maximum equality also in extra time but with a Tenerife that was able to control possessions more and thus take a hard-fought victory against a Coosur Betis that arrived lacking strength at the end and sees salvation a little further.