ANDl Lenovo Tenerife pulled off a difficult match against Hereda San Pablo Burgos (91-78), a duel marked by the success of the outside team from Tenerife, despite the intense defense exerted by the visitors.

Sasu Salin’s five three-pointers and a total of 18 for the team were decisive in overcoming a team from Burgos that, despite going behind for most of the match, never threw in the towel, brought out their inner power and managed to get ahead on the scoreboard over With eight minutes to go, but that effort paid dearly and Lenovo Tenerife knew how to maintain their composure and win the match.

Along with Salin, who shone in his scoring role, we must also highlight the contribution, once again, of Marcelinho Huertas, who knew how to successfully direct his teammates and gave 13 important assists.

Starting off by dominating the game was a clear objective for Lenovo Tenerife and they did so thanks to Salin’s scoring ability, who began to make it clear that today was going to be an important day. 12-5 in the fourth minute of the match, an advantage that the island team increased throughout the first half with differences that reached fourteen points (41-27) in the 16th minute of the match.

The Lenovo Tenerife was doing just fine. Good defensive work and successful in attack, despite the intense rival defense. But Hereda San Pablo Burgos was holding up well. He knew how to attack well in the inside game and did not allow the Lenovo Tenerife to leave permanently.

With a 49-42 score, the end of the first twenty minutes was reached in a very open game, with two teams scoring well and playing with a lot of defensive pressure.

It was the visiting team who wanted to hit the table after leaving the locker room, with a 0-6 run. The local reaction was immediate and, again, the people of Tenerife would put land in the middle (56-48).

But Burgos was already another, they forced more positions in attack and created problems for Tenerife in the inside game. Dani Díez took good advantage of two local errors to bring his team closer to the scoreboard, as did Gamble (59-57).

It was an unthinkable last quarter for the locals, mainly because the domain had been theirs during the first three quarters.

Gamblé tied the game at 67 and put his team ahead for the first time (67-69), but despite this new situation, the locals did not get nervous.

Salin would put his hand out again to put his team ahead with a triple (70-69). Huertas and Shermadini would contribute their own, but it would be Salin again (76-69) who would force Olmos to request a desperate time-out to try to stop the Tenerife streak, with six minutes remaining in the match. The truth is that Lenovo Tenerife had already put the direct towards victory, starting with their good defensive work, but continuing with a successful attack. A partial of 13-2 in the last moments finished with the visiting options


Data sheet:

91 – Lenovo Tenerife (25+24+18+24). Huertas (13), Salin (15), Rodríguez (7), Doornekamp (7), Shermadini (12) -initial-, Borg (-), Sulejmanovic (6), Fitipaldo (3), Wiltjer (6), Guerra ( 8), Smith (-) and Tailor (14).

78 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (20+22+21+15). Renfroe (12), Rabaseda (3), Benite (12), Díez (12), Nnoko (6) -initial-, Gamble (19), Kullamae (5), Phillip (2), Eddie (2), Salash ( 3) and Garcia (2).

Referees: Perea, Serrano and Baez. They pointed out technique to the coach of Hereda San Pablo Burgos, Paco Olmos (min. 33) and eliminated Nnoko for fouls (min. 37).

Incidents: Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some three thousand people. A minute of silence was observed in memory of Antonio Novoa, first president of the ACB.