Marcelinho Huertas worked a miracle. At 38 he gave a whole recital in a semi-final of the Endesa League against him Barça and incidentally led his team to victory to force the third clash with Jasikevicius’ team.

And in that process, the base kept making history since it became the first player to achieve 26 points and 11 assists in a game of the Endesa League Playoffs.

And not only that. With the 11 passes that gave exceeded 10 of Carmelo Cabrera against CAI Zaragoza in 1984 to become the Canarias player with the most assists in a playoff game.

In addition, the Brazilian also surpassed Ricardo Uriz (436) and is the second with the most assists in the history of his team in the Playoffs, only behind Rodrigo San Miguel (547).

Between points and assists, Marcelinho generated 51 of the 80 points of his team, 26 directly and another 25 empowering their colleagues. But above all, he completely controlled the rhythm of the game and he played those he wanted at all times.