Hugo López says goodbye to Real Valladolid Basketball, but he does so with an emotional and heartfelt “see you later”. The Valladolid coach will lead this Sunday and against Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma his last match in front of the Sur-Aspasia Clinic. After two seasons in which he led the Blanquivioleta team to the first place of the LEB Oro 2019/2020 and the dispute of the Princess Cup, the local coach says goodbye to the Club of his city.

Covered by David Espinar, Saúl Hernández and Pepe Catalina, the Valladolid coach, tearfully and emotionally, has communicated his decision not to continue at the helm of Pucela. “The game against Palma will be my last game as coach of the team. It is a difficult moment, the Club two months ago offered me the renewal and we left it until the end of the season. In the last few days an exciting project and challenge has appeared that is about to grow, abroad, and this is how I have transmitted it to the Board of Directors and to Pepe Catalina. I have made the decision that Sunday is my last meeting, ”Hugo López reported.

Excited and in tears, the Blanquivioleta coach, with 60 official matches behind him and who will reach 61 on Sunday against Palma, has shown his gratitude for this stage lived at home. “I would like to send my thanks to Pepe Catalina, my friend and sports director, and with whom I have had very good basketball moments after I brought here 20 years after my departure. To Saúl Hernández and the entire Board for their unconditional support at all times and for trusting me. We had the illusion of giving back to the team in the ACB and we achieved it in a sporting way, although we did not have the financial means to complete it and we fully consider it to be the best ”, continued the coach.

Continuing with the thanks in a very emotional way, Hugo López continued to remember the people who have accompanied him on the way. “Thank you for all your support to my parents, Carlos and Claudia, who have been able to see me train at home. Thanks to my partner Leire, who has traveled many kilometers to always come by my side. Also to my children, who have finally been able to see me in Valladolid ”.

“It has been two years with different members of the coaching staff, who have supported me in difficult times, people who are now with me and who are not, like Esteban Martín, who has been a very important piece in my arrival in Valladolid. I also want to thank all the players who have passed through here, that if I have been able to help them in any way, that is what I really get. Nor do I want to forget the public, who have vibrated with the team and made me feel their warmth every time I walked through the city and I just have to thank them, ”Hugo López continued. “I think this is not a goodbye, but a see you later. I hope not as many years as 20 pass from my departure from here until I return. Thanks to all the people who make up Real Valladolid Baloncesto, my greatest wish is to see the Club in the ACB because it is my team, my city and I have always felt it that way ”, Hugo López acknowledged.

Asked about his balance in his seasons at the Pucela, Hugo López is left with “the happiness” of the road. “I have made the decision that I think is better, I am an adventurer and this trip abroad makes me have that illusion, but Real Valladolid Basketball is taking the steps that need to be taken and that is not easy, but I hope they continue forward” , answered.

Finally, the coach was also asked about the current season and what will end this Sunday. “I prefer the two global courses, with more than 65% of victories and with the people, players, managers and fellow travelers that I have had; to see the city of Valladolid again with basketball, to see Pisuerga full, which is something that I will never forget ”, he concluded.