ANDhe Surne Bilbao Basket overwhelmed Gran Canaria this Sunday in Miribilla, which they beat 95-80 in a match that the Basque team had always clearly dominated and in which they won by 30 points before their rival ‘made up’ the marked in the fourth quarter.

It was a tremendous choral work by ‘the men in black’, who won 76-46 with 12 minutes remaining, with special prominence in the statistics of the Dominican Ángel Delgado (14 points, 12 rebounds and a PIR of 19), the Brazilian Rafa Luz ( 5 rebounds, 7 assists and 17), the soul of the Basque team, the reactivated Andrew Goudelock (15 and 21), Alex Reyes (14 and 16) and Valentin Bigote (16).

For the ‘Granca’ with the rest of the team missing the first 28 minutes, just the insistence of John Shurna (20, 7 and 21), Dylan Ennis (18 and 4 steals) and AJ Slaughter (15 and 5 assists).

This victory is the fifth in a row for Surne Bilbao at home and with it they leave the relegation places, while the defeat of Gran Canaria, the fourth in a row, keeps them out of the places that qualify for the Copa del Rey.

The intensity of Luz, who chained his third block in two games, gave the first advantages to the locals (5-0, 7-4), which, despite Slaughter drawing (7-7), were tremendous, very fluid and successful, during a first quarter in which they left 13 points (24-11) before ending 24-13.

A whole review of ‘the men in black’ that continued in a second room in which, within a fundamentally choral work, Luz was joined by colleagues such as Reyes, the reactivated Goudelock and, above all, Inglis and Delgado.

An inner couple that punished the Canarian zone to open tremendous gaps on the scoreboard (28-13, 31-15, 36-19) until the resounding 55-33 with which the break was reached.

And thank goodness, for the yellows, that Ennis looked for the opposite ring and Shurna and Slaughter’s wrists also appeared to try to minimize damage. Although they did not succeed.

Things did not change in the locker room return and the beating reached a 30-point difference two minutes from the end of the third quarter (76-46).

Bilbao Basket continued their business, despite being disqualified for two techniques by Inglis, one of the players who has revitalized it, and Ennis and Shurna had not found allies.

With the game already won, those in black relaxed; and, with the defeat almost assured, yellow players began to appear -Kramer, Khalifa Diop, Salvo ..- to make up the result in the last quarter with a 10-22 that lowered the disadvantage of 20 points (86-68).

Mumbrú stopped the gap with a time-out (92-71), but the dynamics of the last minutes (93-79) until the final 95-80.

Data sheet:

95 – Surne Bilbao Basket (24 + 31 + 23 + 17): Rafa Luz (6), Goudelock (15), Mustache (16), Masiulis (9) and Delgado (14) -five starting-; Peno (6), Hakanson (9), Reyes (14), Inglis (2), Withey (4) and Basterretxea.

80 – Gran Canaria (13 + 20 + 16 + 31): Slaughter (15), Ennis (18), Salvo (5), Shurna (20) and Stevic (2) -five starters-; Sergi García (2), Kramer (9), Brussino, Ilimane Diop (2), Khalifa Diop (7) and Javier López.

Partial: 24-13, 55-33 (rest); 78-49 and 95-80 (final).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Jorge Martínez, Carlos Merino. Disqualified, by two techniques, the local Inglis (m.23); and eliminated by fault the visitor Khalifa Diop (m.34).

Incidents: Match of the fourteenth day of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla before 7,128 spectators, according to official data. A minute of silence was observed in memory of José María Rojo, the founder of the Basque Basketball Federation and former vice president of the Spanish Federation. At halftime, a mass launch of stuffed animals was carried out from the stands within the campaign ‘Your rights at stake’ of the Bizkaia Red Cross