Ibon Guridi Everyone wanted but it’s ours, the wolf of wolves. From coast to coast, he makes the fastest and most spectacular counterattacks from Zumaia to Zarautz. Ibon Guridi, who else, captain of Juaristi.

Benat Hevia: Silent, fine and calm. He understands and reads the game better than anyone. An old-fashioned modern organizer game. Our driver. Beñat Hevia, of course, is a wolf.

Manex Ansorregui: Our jewel. Well, our other gem. They’ve all taken the license plate, they’ve all been talking about it. And what will they have to talk about? Manex Ansoregi, of course, is a wolf.

Kevin Buckingham: We love it. He loves us. So… “Long live boyfriends.” This year will be your year. Whoops Kevin Buchingham