Miguel González is considered one of the most important future talents in Spanish basketball. His career in national teams and also in professional leagues make him a decisive player in the short term, and so believes the coach of the club, Joaquín Prado, who in the presentation of Valladolid has said that he trusts “blindly” in him: “He has the potential to to be a top-level player; it’s all in his head, in his hands and in his body. Now he just needs his place and his moment to be here, in Lleida. ”

Some compliments that González has received with pride, but also with responsibility: “Every year I take it the same, as one more step to grow and improve. It is a pride that they trust you, but for now these are only words. They must be demonstrated “. Of course, Gonzalez does not hide; “I know what I am capable of.”

The forward, on loan from Baskonia for one season, knows the category, since last year he played for Canoe in Madrid, and this will partly compensate for the foreseeable lack of experience that he and the rest of the squad may suffer from this season. , since it starts with a very young average age. González, however, does not see in this presumed immaturity a problem, but a virtue; “Young people are the ones who most want to play. We will gain experience little by little, and at the end of the season this will be demonstrated with the one we will have grown up with.” The daring – almost insolent – of these approaches will also be transferred to the track, according to González: “I think we will be a fun team to watch. People have not been in the pavilions for a long time, and those who come to see us will have a good time. We will be a team that will run a lot, dynamic and showy, and people were encouraged to come “. A desire also shared by the manager Toni Cudós, who stated that González is “an example of what the new project” of the club should be, a “young and eager” team, while wishing it to be Força Lleida ” the place that lights the fuse of the explosion “of the Valladolid eaves.