The new player from Lleida has been international in all categories up to the sub-20 (with which he won the European runner-up in 2019), and despite his youth he already accumulates three years of experience in the category; Formed in the youth team of Unicaja Málaga, he began his professional career in the ranks of Oviedo (2018/19), then he played in Castellón (2019/20) and last season in Huesca, where he achieved 8.7 points this past year, 4.2 rebounds and 7.3 points on average in 19 minutes of play per game.

Coach Gerard Find has been very satisfied with the incorporation of Rosa, who assures that “he can fit very well in the philosophy of the team, since he is a player who despite being a 4 can help the 3 and 5, and also he has a very good hand from 6.75, which is something that is very important in our style of play. ” In addition, he also highlights “his privileged physique” and the fact that “he knows the category perfectly”.

Now, ICG Força Lleida already has seven players to start the preseason on August 30; the bases Albert Lafuente and Thomas Schreiner, the wings David Cuéllar, Mark Hughes and Miguel González, and the wings Michael Carrera and Ignacio Rosa.