ANDhe block game, with very good defense in the first half and the contribution of the bench players, who took advantage of their minutes, Surne Bilbao Basket conquered the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo (86-94) against a Río Breogán team that except for Kalinoski, he goes down at the last minute, to counteract his rival.

The Frenchman Damien Inglis (29 PIR and 22 points) and the American Andrew Goudelock (27 PIR and 24 points) were the stars of Álex Mumbrú’s team, but all the pawns helped to win on a track where they had only Real Madrid and Joventut tax. Dzanan Musa finished as the top scorer (27), but his team did not get it.

The Breogán started with its foot on the accelerator and it was difficult for the Basques to warm up their wrists. Two baskets by Musa and free baskets by Mahalbasic put the locals 6-0 at the start of the game, a partial to which Luz responded with a triple (6-3). The people from Lugo extended their lead again (11-5, m.3) with a shot by Bell-Haynes from 6.75, but Delgado, with six points, held the Basques (15-15).

Goudelock put the visitors in front for the first time (18-19, m.7). Eleven points contributed in that period that the visitors took (22-27). It had been difficult for them to enter, but they got fully into the game and did not leave.

Álex Mumbru’s men went fourteen up in the second quarter with their success in the outside shot and reached the break with the highest lead (33-49). Breogán had signed a lousy period with 0 of 6 in triples in those ten minutes. In addition, the battle on the rebound had been clearly carried by the people of Bilbao until the intermission (14-22).

Veljko Mrsic’s men resurfaced around the track. A triple by Lukovic and two other free throws of his brought Breogán closer to eleven (38-49) to start an attempted comeback. In addition, at 23 minutes Ángel Delgado was disqualified (he had 8 points and 6 rebounds) for unsportsmanlike behavior at the beginning of the game and a technique.

The Breogán got to seven (41-49) in a blackout of his rival. Mumbrú stopped the game, but did not stop the locals, who came to four (56-60, m.28). They took the third quarter (23-15) and entered eight points in the last ten minutes (56-64).

In the Pazo, Bilbao was not daunted. With a great Álex Reyes and the outside shot, he increased the lead to twelve (58-70). He was solving based on triples, but Breogán did not give up. At 75-81, a key action: Rousselle’s three-pointer and an additional shot. There, the Basques took the decisive step to win in Lugo and join the fight to access the playoff for the title.

Data sheet:

86 – Breogan River (22+11+23+30): Bell-Haynes (16), Musa (27), Lukovic (15), Mahalbasic (18), Sergi Quintela (8) -starting five-, Kacinas (-), Sakho (2), Erik Quintela (-), Cruz ( -), Ubal (-)

94 – Surne Bilbao Basketball (27+22+15+30): Rafa Luz (10), Masiulis (4), Gudelock (24), Walker (5), Delgado (8) -initial five-, Inglis (22), Rousselle (9), Peno (-), Rigo (-), Witney (6), Reyes (6).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Juan de Dios Oyón and Iyán González. They disqualified Ángel Delgado (m.23) for an unsportsmanlike offense and a technique.

Incidents: Match of the 24th day of the Endesa League played at the Pazo dos Deportes de Lugo in front of some 4,000 fans.