After a difficult season due to the pandemic and a lot of work with our participation in the promotion phase from Innova-TSN Leganés we wanted, yesterday, to applaud and acknowledge the talent, effort and commitment of the three players from our quarry who represented our club in the different national teams of our country during the summer.

The small tribute, held at the break of the Endesa Women’s League meeting that faced Innova-tsn Leganés and Baxi Ferrol, was attended by Santiago Llorente, Mayor of Leganés, Enrique Morago, 1st Deputy Mayor of our town, Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez, Councilor of Deportes de Leganés, Nuria Estebas, Head of Marketing and Communication at Innova-tsn and Jacinto Ramos, President of our Club.

In it, Queen Ikhiuwu, U16 Spanish National Team, Zhaira Arizmendi, Madrid Selection and Ángela Cordero, Castilla La Mancha National Team, received a small detail for their participation during the summer in the different national team championships and the affection and applause of a European Pavilion that turned to Innova-tsn Leganés and its quarry.