From the hand of the IES Julio Verne of our town, Laura García, Imani Tate and Marta Hermida shared an interesting day with the fourth year ESO students.


Last week Laura García, Imani Tate and Marta Hermida made a “stop” in preparation for the match that they will play tomorrow against Spar Girona to travel to the IES Jules Verne in our town.

Once there, and in front of approximately 75 boys and girls from the 4th ESO groups of the center, they enjoyed an interesting conversation about sports, basketball, the present and the future where the three Innova-tsn girls had a very positive experience.

Laura García, the second oldest player in the League after Laia Palau, opened the conversation with a clear question to the boys and girls present, how many of you play sports? basketball has made him have admirable values ??such as perseverance and respect.

After Laura, Marta Hermida was the next to intervene. Marta, like Laura, highlighted perseverance, respect and sacrifice as one of the best things that sport teaches you, and highlighted the importance of training for personal growth, commenting that she, a Mechanical Engineer, has sacrificed many experiences and moments to be able to combine basketball and studies.

Finally, it was the turn of Imani Tate, one of our captains.

Imani, a native of the Bronx, stressed that you always have to strive to become the best at what you do, and explained it by recounting her experience when she had to choose basketball among the rest of the sports she practiced in order to become the best player in his city and earn a scholarship to college and a degree in communication while standing out on the track under the colors of the University at Albany.

After that, students and teachers asked the players all their concerns about professional sports, ending as always with the Innova-tsn girls on a basketball court.



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