Inside story: Ynsadiet Leganés, the triumph of a perfectly organized champion

They conquered the promotion to LF Endesa last Sunday afternoon and celebrated it with their people on the parquet just as any other team would have done throughout the planet, but the Ynsadiet Leganés celebration in the Europe Pavilion counted with a sound peculiarity that is as differential as it is decisive. A catchy melody of Uruguayan origin and that appeared at the moment when its team needed it most to end up becoming the true talisman in the face of promotion.


Only three minutes remain until the clock strikes 8:00 p.m. on a historic Sunday when the President of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, goes to the center circle to crown the Ynsadiet Leganés as champion of this course in the LF2.

And, as if it were a reflex action, a classic tune begins to be sung among the members of the Madrid squad. A “Champions, champions, oe, oe, oe …” which usually precedes any type of sporting celebration and which is soon joined by that anthem popularized by Queen at the end of the 70s under the name of “We are the Champions”.

But, on this occasion, two of its protagonists seemed to be willing to put a differential touch on one of the most personal celebrations ever to be remembered in the history of the competition. Because, while her companions began to celebrate on the park with their accrediting trophy, Aitana Cuevas and Paula Palomares they became improvised conductors to direct the musical selection of the speaker of the pavilion.

Under his baton, silence took hold of the European Pavilion for a few seconds and the party was about to begin …

Ynsadiet Leganés, a perfectly organized champion:

With its 12 players kneeling on the parquet around the official competition logo, the first chords began to sound in the European Pavilion at the rhythm set by their clapping on the boards. All this to the beat of a melody titled “If we organize, let’s all get caught” and with which the Madrid team was able to lift the spectators present in the stands from their seats.

But the catchy rhythm of this Uruguayan song not only did not go unnoticed by those present, but it did not even take long to infect an entire enemy turned into a companion of celebration, a Baxi Ferrol which thus added to the party of the Madrid women causing a whole immersion of players in a central circle.

From that moment on, the journalistic objective for the media present in the Final phase it was not the other than trying to know the origin of said melody. A whole unknown cleared by her own Aitana Cuevas who did not hesitate to reveal how important the soundtrack created some years ago by “The Party Band” had become for the team.

A story that went back to the evening when the team had lost its undefeated condition after 25 consecutive victories: “It was the last day of the League and, after having won 25 games, the teammates were touched after the defeat in Murcia so it was time to cheer them on. Esther Moreno, who barely knows fashionable songs, pulled the musical repertoire and that was a of the songs that we sang over and over on the return trip. It helped us to strengthen ourselves as a team and to lift our spirits a lot until we reached Leganés, so it became an anthem for us. “.

Because, as the days went by and given the immediacy of the phase, the melody did not stop playing around the Madrid costumes: “It has been three weeks in which this cumbia has been playing constantly. It may seem silly, but for us it has helped us to relativize things, to downplay that defeat and to strengthen ourselves as a team in the face of what awaited us in this phase. You think about it now cold and it is a bit exciting to think about what all this has led to “.

A motivating element that, since last Sunday, is part of the history of a club and a city that next season will be able to sing its melody in the long-awaited LF Endesa.

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