Irati Etxarri (Pamplona, ??1998) became this Thursday in the victory against Hungary in Szekszard in the, for the moment, the last player to debut with the National Team. “I was very excited to receive the call from Miguel Méndez, with whom he coincides in the U20 and I have very good memories as a coach”Says the power forward, who contributed very good minutes in what was also Méndez’s first game as National Coach.

Irati is a person who has quite clear ideas and knows what he wants in life. That’s your top priority”, Has a maturity that surprises at 23 years of age. “Being here in the National Team is a reward for having worked so hard. You realize that in the end everything is worth it”.

The effort is not negotiated for Etxarri. A maxim that could perfectly summarize his philosophy: “You can have more or less talent, but you have to reach your maximum. The limit of each one is different, but you must work for each day to be the best version of you”.

I have decided to learn from the bad experiences I have had. We are not defined by the mistakes we make, but by what we do with them. Right now I live in a tranquility with myself that I would not change over the world. The key is to enjoy and learn from the path you have to travel to achieve your dreams, not set yourself on the goal”, Explains Irati Etxarri, a player with her feet on the ground.