It’s the saddest news in sport. From Arizona where he’s studying Iris Mbulito He posted a post on Instagram saying he was quitting basketball for good. The injuries could with one of the great promises of Spanish women’s basketball.

Iris Mbulito appeared on the scene in 2013. At the age of 14 she was European U16 champion in Bulgaria, standing out among players of two previous generations. A few months before, he won the Spanish Infant and Cadet Championships with the CB Islas Canarias, grabbing individual prizes.

In the summer of 2014 he doubled with the U16 and U17 getting bronze in the European Championship in Debrecen and silver in the World Championship in Klatovy. When her generation (that of 99) had not yet debuted in official FIBA ??competition, Iris already had three international medals on her record.

It was the turn of the Women’s League, becoming the youngest player to debut (an honor that Emma Florez took from her a year later), but two serious knee injuries stopped the meteoric career of the Canarian player.

With effort and hard work, Iris Mbulito managed to recover and was the key to another gold medal in training basketball. The one with Sopron 201 U20 European Championship8, where he also got the MVP award. A team led by Miguel Méndez with players like Paula Ginzo, Irati Etxarri or Aina Ayuso.

Iris Mbulito tried the American adventure and went to the NCAA. There, after three years, 81 games and many shoulder problems have led to the final decision.