Nor it can be made worse and impossible to be more faithful to a plan. The first reflection could be that of the fans of Monbus Obradoiro, whose only positive memory of the afternoon is the previous tribute to the legendary Tonecho Lorenzo, former player of the club and a kind of social glue of the obradoirismo. For its part, it is difficult to put a ceiling and set a goal for a team that borders on perfection like the Murcian.

Antagonic both in figures and in the sensation offered, Obradoiro and UCAM Murcia (70-104 at the end of the clash) played an unbalanced first half to the point of losing their excitement too soon. It was that of Sito Alonso’s men an almost perfect staging, impossible for all the variables tested from the blackboard by Moncho Fernández. Only Birutis held the initial pull, and from his good movements in the zone came a false sense of equality (6-6).

But in basketball it is unsustainable to counteract with a single man an amalgam of good concepts, and equally outstanding performances: intense defense, overwhelming rebound superiority, outside accuracy and Taylor’s wrist display. The American point guard, among the best percentages of success in the league, disarmed the Santiago team inside and out, which he still saw as his playmaker, Belinauskas, was charged with fouls in the opening bars. Paradigmatic was the very poor defense of the last play by Obradoiro, who after suffering a downpour allowed a rebound to Radovic, who got it even unintentionally (13-28).


  • 70 Monbus Obradoiro (13 + 19 + 22 + 16): Beliauskas (10), Scrubb (7), Hobbs (5), Ellenson (16), Birutis (12); Zubriggen (7), Álex Suárez (-), Okouo (2), Oliver (-), Robertson (9), Muñoz (2) and Filipovity (-).
  • 104 UCAM Murcia (28 + 27 + 29 + 20): Taylor (21), Davis (10), Rojas (6), Webb (16), Lima (-); McFadden (14), Bellas (10), Malmanis (4), Radovic (8), Cate (2), Czerapowicz (3) and Vasileiadis (10).
  • Referees: Conde Ruiz, Zamorano Sánchez and González Gálvez. They expelled, after two techniques, the local coach, Moncho Fernández (min. 33).

Too soon the afternoon had turned into a swim and put away clothes for UCAM Murcia, which put the appointment practically on automatic pilot: he doubled in rebounds and touched the sixty percent of outside correctness against an opponent who did not know what which was scoring three. He did it for the first, and last time until halftime, Hobbs (20-33). They were playing fifteen minutes.

But not even the Obradoiro could enter in an exchange of blows. Birutis he survived to maintain the bullfighting shame, since his were almost half of his team’s points. With two minutes to go, the Compostela team committed its first foul of the second quarter, at the same time that Davis put the maximum income (30-53). By the time they made the second, losing by more than 20 points and with less than a second to play, they allowed the guard to go twice to the free throw line and put an even short distance for the sensations transmitted by each other (32- 55).

Destined to be an exhibition match, the third quarter asked him to vindicate himself McFadden, another one of those different, electric players, capable of lifting people from their seats. Eight points in seven minutes, the last to send the game to 40-70, are not real testimony of how: impossible penetrations and punishment from the outside to an incapable Obradoiro, especially after Birutis, his only pillar, was loaded with four fouls in the first actions of the quarter. And it happened that way Lima’s silent work, anonymous as far as annotation is concerned, but fundamental in the gear of a very reliable team defensively.

In the last quarter he had the lace in the form of a return in style. The Greek Vasilediadis returned to the Fontes do Sar and, despite the time stopped, he showed that he had not missed the class and scored a triple as soon as he stepped on the floor (54-87). He signed a total of ten points in just over eight minutes. Good news for a Sito Alonso who left proud of a team capable of defending like a great, scoring more than one hundred points and having more than five players in double-digit scoring. All this in a scenario that no one had desecrated and in which Obradoiro fell with a scandalous score.