ANDthe coach of Surne Bilbao Basket, Alex Mumbrú, considers that, despite the numerous cases of covid that are appearing in all the teams of the Endesa League, in which several games have had to be postponed, “it is good that the league does not stop”.

“Of course it’s good that the league doesn’t stop because I think it’s good for the show and it’s good for the league,” said Mumbrú, at the press conference prior to his team’s match this Wednesday against Unicaja in Miribilla, given that the new wave of the pandemic, that of the strain “omicron, it seems that it is much more contagious but much less deadly” than other previous ones.

Omicron seems to be much more contagious but much less deadly than previous strains.

Álex Mumbrú (Coach of Surne Bilbao)

“It’s okay for us to try ways to play. Sometimes it will harm us, like in this game, and sometimes it will benefit us, but we have to live with it“, he pointed out. In that sense, he showed supporter of “going back to normality because if not there will be a time when we are going to go crazy with so many restrictions“.

I am in favor of going back to normality because if there is not going to be a time when we are going to go crazy with so many restrictions

“It is what we are having to live with and we have to take it as it comes,” added a Mumbrú who recognizes that to continue playing “It has positive things and it will have negative things.” “The positive ones, that the league will continue, that we will try to continue playing the matches and that the spectator can continue watching them; and the negative, which can affect important players“, he reflected before measuring himself Unibox with two positives for covid, while the Malaga team has none.

The Barcelona coach, on the other hand, stressed that Bilbao Basket is being “exemplary” trying to “maximize security” with an “exhaustive control of covid” to prevent Miribilla “from being a focus of infection“.