The first day of the Final Phase of the EBA League seems vital to measure the potential of teams that have not met during the season. Conference A, with three wins (USAL La Antigua, Santurtzi and Baskonia), strikes first.


Nautical Tenerife – Unicaja Andalusia 95-61 | MVP: Javier Martinez: 24 val
UCAM Murcia – Barca 64-67 | MVP: Omar Lo: 25 worth
The match that opened the Final Phase in Huelva served for the first victory of Náutico Tenerife, who were not favorites, but who came out reinforced with a very dynamic basketball and with players like Eddy Polanco and Javier Martínez, capable of scoring easily. . The second was just the opposite: great defenses, equality on the scoreboard and a last quarter of many errors given the importance of the victory. The heads or tails fell on the side of Barça, who asserted the small difference of the first quarter and the superiority in rebounding. The poor percentages of UCAM Murcia in the triple prevented the comeback.

NCS Alcobendas – CB Santurtzi 67-71 | MVP: Juan M. Orellano: 23 wal
Torrons Vicens CB Hospitalet – City of Huelva 74-54 | MVP: Mansour Kassé: 18 val
CB Santurtzi surprised the Palacio de los Deportes in Huelva with a very serious game in which the good third quarter of the Basques and the quality of a player like Juan Martín Orellano, who finished with 19 points and 8 rebounds, were key. In the match that closed the day, disappointment for the locals, a Ciudad de Huelva that could not beat a team that feels comfortable in these important games. The clash was matched until the break; From there, Torrons Vicens CB Hospitalet took advantage of its large bench to take the first step towards promotion.

Angels Vision UPB Gandía – Brisasol CB Salou 71-68 | MVP: Gonzalo Balta: 24 val
Baskonia – Uros de Rivas 76-50 | MVP: Jurij Macura 19 ok
Baskonia is confirmed as one of the teams aspiring to promotion with a merit victory against an experienced Uros de Rivas. The quality of Sidy Cissoko (13 points), the talent of Jurij Macura (12+8) and the competitiveness of Max Solé (10+8) were key in a spectacular third quarter (24-9). In the last game of the day in Gandía, the locals suffered to carry out an exciting match. Brisasol CB Salou dominated for most of the minutes with short leads, but in the last quarter the public pressed for the victory to stay at home.

NB Paterna Power Electronics – USAL La Antigua 48-72 | MVP: Alvaro Sanchez: 18 val
CB Pozuelo – BBA Castelldefels 69-63 | MVP: Paul Rodrigo: 28 ok
The day opened in Gandía with the victory of USAL La Antigua, which comes out stronger from this debut. It was superior from the start to a very erratic NB Paterna Power Electronics (15 losses). The Salamancans were able to rotate the squad (something fundamental in a tournament of this type) and give minutes to youngsters like Álvaro Sánchez, the best of the match. In the second game there was more equality, with defenses that prevailed over attacks, and with the final victory of CB Pozuelo against BBA Castelldefels. The experience of Pablo Rodrigo (17 points and 13 rebounds) and Alberto Arias (20 points) was fundamental.

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