Neither the four extra time disputed at home just 72 hours before, nor the trip to Azkoitia have seemed to diminish the competitive character of a Barça CBS that has been forcefully imposed at home (+32) to stay at the top of the leaderboard. One of the most outstanding triumphs of a Saturday night with five away victories among which were those of Hozono Global Jairis and Pacisa Alcobendas who remain well behind the leader’s wheel.


Barça CBS extends its leadership status for at least a few more days after having won its second win of the week and sixth in a row on Saturday night against a rival who could do little in the face of its competitive momentum. A meeting that was the best possible start to a day in which the main pursuers of the first place did not fail either.

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The LF Challenge will continue to be commanded by Barça CBS at least until the disputed matches postponed throughout the week. This has been assured by the Blaugrana team with a solid triumph in Azpeitia where Isaac Fernández’s team has been able to once again offer one of its best versions. Because neither the fatigue caused by the 60 minutes of play last Wednesday (4 extensions), nor the trip to the Basque town have been an impediment for the team’s choral play to shine again on both sides of the court (58-90) .

A meeting from which the main pursuers of the leader were very aware in the distance, especially Hozono Global Jairis and Pacisa Alcobendas who achieved prestigious victories at home against NB Paterna and Advisoria Mararó who could do little to stop the rival stars . And it is that both Erika de Souza and Sofie Preetzmann were decisive in one of those nights with which to gain team confidence.

Although there were two teams that were able to achieve a mental victory, those were Celta Zorka Recalvi and CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol since both teams have been able to cancel their negative streaks. In the case of the Andalusians, by beating Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres at home in a tight match and, in the case of the Galicians, taking advantage of the good moment of Davydova to achieve the only local victory of a night in which the Lima Horta Barcelona he did not fail in Plasencia.


Advisoria Mataró Maresme vs Pacisa Alcobendas (64-83) | MVP: S. Preetzmann – 27 rating
– Azpeitia Azkoitia ISB vs Barça CBS (58-90) | MVP: M. Effa – 23 rating
– NB Paterna vs Hozono Global Jairis (53-71) | MVP: E. de Souza – 25 rating
– Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres vs CAB Estepona JCDS (76-79) | MVP: A. Pocek – 28 rating
– Hierros Díaz Extremadura vs Lima Horta Barcelona (53-63) | MVP: P. Tutusaus – 20 rating
– Celta Zorka Recalvi vs Osés Cons. Ardoi (63-61) | MVP: M. Davydova – 24 rating
– Manuela Fund. Raca vs Sinergia Soluc. Real Canoe (Sun-12: 00h)
– Joventut Badalona vs Recoletas Zamora (Sun-12: 30h)

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