It had been news in the competition since, back in August, rumors began to spread that Marc Gasol I could wear his shirt Girona Basketball.

An informative focus that had intensified in recent weeks, which was enlarged with its official presentation in Fontajau and that turned the city into an informative reference worldwide last Friday night with its debut in an official match.

Because the premiere of the pivot of Sant Boi could not have a better outcome neither for his interests nor for the delos more than 3,500 spectators gathered in the stands of a pavilion that held their breath when Marc entered the track as a starter.

Thus, it did not take long for his first game actions to arrive, his first basket and, how could it be otherwise, a memorable performance that led him to reach the 39 valuation points in just 22 minutes of play. Because the pivots of Levitec Huesca could not stop the competitive momentum of a player who culminated his first big night with 19 points (6/6 TL and 6/8 TC), 16 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery and 7 fouls received (89-47).

In this way, Marc contributed to breaking his team’s streak of seven consecutive defeats by demonstrating his desire to be able to grow alongside his team in a competition that, despite the splendor of his debut, will not be far from easy.

Anecdotal section:

It had been almost 18 years since his last match in the FEB Competitions, a total of 12 since the dispute of his last official match in Spanish basketball and about four months since he will play his last minutes with the Spanish National Team jersey. A long period that, however, did not prevent Marc Gasol (Girona Basketball) He will debut in a big way with the Girona squad shirt. Because the double world champion and NBA champion achieved a performance last Friday night that has earned him one of the most modest awards of his career, but perhaps the one that has been the most emotional, with the conquest of an MVP dedicated solely and exclusively to the fans of Fontajau.

The ideal quintet of the day:

The MVP of the day could not be another than the center Marc Gasol (Girona Basketball) to lead in this way his first ideal quintet of the day. A five in which he formed an interior game with a full Catalan flavor together with a Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida) which was once again decisive in the victory of the ilerdense team in their fiefdom.

Equally animated was the assembly of a perimeter in which the base Micah Speight (EasyCharger Palencia) He returned to serve as a man of reference for a tight Palencia victory against the team of the best forward, a Wesley Van Beck (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) that he stayed like this at the gates of victory. Both flanking a Jalen Nesbitt (CB Almansa with Afanion) who fought until the end without being able to extract the victory of the Municipal of Azpeitia.

Micah Speight (EasyCharger Palencia) 24 val: 18 points (4/4 TL and 5/10 TC), 9 assists, 2 recoveries and 3 received fouls.
Shooting guard: Jalen Nesbitt (CB Almansa with Afanion) 25 val: 17 points (1 / 2TL and 8/11 TC), 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 recoveries and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Wesley Van Beck (Palmer Mediterranean Soul) 35 val: 30 points (1 / 1TL and 12/21 TC), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 recoveries, 1 block and 6 fouls received.
Power forward: Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida) 29 val: 24 points (6/6 TL and 8/14 TC), 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 6 fouls received.
Pivot: Marc Gasol (Girona Basketball) 39 val: 19 points (6/6 TL and 6/8 TC), 16 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery and 7 fouls received.

Season statistics – Marc Gasol:

Games played: 1
Minutes: 21.38
Points: 19
Rebounds: 16
Assists: 1
Recoveries: 1
Plugs: —
Fouls received: 7
Reviews: 39

Sports career – Marc Gasol:

Training: Escola Esportiva Llor
1997/99: FC Barcelona (Children)
1999/01: FC Barcelona (Cadet)

Winterthur FC Barcelona (EBA League and Endesa League)
2005/06: WTC Cornellá (LEB Silver)
2005/06: Winterthur FC Barcelona (Endesa League)
2006/08: Akasvayu Girona (Endesa League)
2008/19: Memphis Grizzlies (NBA – USA)
2019/20: Toronto Raptors (NBA – USA)

2020/21: Los Angeles Lakers (NBA – USA)
2021/22: Girona Basketball (LEB Gold)