A Movistar Estudiantes has not been able to expand his income at the head of the table, who missed the victory on his visit to the Palacio de los Deportes in Granada where Jota Cuspinera’s team suffered against the solid defense of Covirán Granada. A night in which they could well have taken a giant step towards the Princess of Asturias Cup, but in which they could not take advantage of the defeats of Unicaja Oviedo and Easycharger Palencia.

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It is becoming really clear that the mere presence of Marc Gasol in the starting five of Bàsquet Girona is going to be the first point in favor of the Girona team in each game. Because his status as a starter seemed to intimidate an EasyCharger Palencia who saw how the Girona team very soon marked differences on the scoreboard through the serious direction of Albert Sàbat, the talent of Gerard Sevillano and the outside shot of the center of Sant Boi. In this way, the unknown version of Palencia came to see a score of so many down, thus initiating a fight against the clock that led them to reduce differences without being able to disturb and a rival who knew how to move on the bench so that all his men finished certifying the second consecutive triumph of the Catalan team (62-73).

A defeat that, together with that of Unicaja Banco Oviedo, could well have boosted the leader in the category. Because Natxo Lezkano’s men let a game escape that they came to dominate in different sections of the first half before seeing how the debutant Xavi Rey began to change its sign. Because the interior was one of the keys for Levitec Huesca to start growing in the game. In this way, the comeback became a reality in the face of a final period in which the youngest players of the team offered their best version to leave the victory at home (73-68).

Two magnificent matches for a Friday night that was completed with the valuable victory of a Cáceres P. Humanidad who reversed the good start of the Juaristi ISB to break their streak of five consecutive defeats (79-69) as well as that of a Real UEMC Valladolid that was about to miss the victory against an HLA Alicante that came to have a winning ball. But the good final defense of Valladolid ended up leaving the victory in a Pisuerga that breathed thus relieved (83-82).

Already on Saturday afternoon, Movistar Estudiantes could not take advantage of the defeats of their rivals when they fell on the Covirán Granada court. Thus, the Madrilenians added their second defeat of the season, this time against a Covirán Granada that showed a solid defense with which to attack an erratic rival in the outside shot. Because the direction of Lluis Costa, the success of Thomas Bropleh and Pere Tomàs from the perimeter or the internal solidity of Edu Gatell were more than enough for Pablo Pin’s men to attack second place in the table.

Already on Sunday afternoon, a double victory for visitors for ICG Força Lleida and TAU Castelló. That of the people of Lleida to show that they are very serious with a victory on the track at Acunsa Gipuzkoa and that of the Castellón people not without some suffering against a Palmer Alma Mediterránea who, despite being bottom, resisted until the end. Much looser was the victory in his fiefdom of a Leyma Coruña who once again showed his best game against a Melilla Sport Capital who could do little to stop Nick Ward.


– Cáceres P. Humanidad vs Juaristi ISB (79-69) | MVP: B. Mbala – 19 val
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs HLA Alicante (83-82) | MVP: K. Pippen – 23 val.
– Levitec Huesca vs Unicaja Banco Oviedo (73-68) | MVP: J. Lafuente – 21 val
– EasyCharger Palencia vs Bàsquet Girona (62-73) | MVP: M. Gasol – 22 val
– Covirán Granada vs Movistar Estudiantes (69-58) | MVP: P. Tomàs – 19 val
– CB Almansa with Afanion vs CB Prat (75-90) | MVP: A. Ibargüen – 21 val
– Palmer Alma Mediterránea vs TAU Castelló (70-71) | MVP: O. Alvarado – 23 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs ICG Força Lleida (73-81) | MVP: M. Carrera – 24 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs Melilla Sport Capital (95-69) | MVP: N. Ward – 24 val.