Matchday 13 has two games postponed due to the pandemic, but the five played on Saturday afternoon and the Canarian derby on Sunday have been spectacular. Trouble for Valencia BC and Perfumerías Avenida (who lost at halftime), seriousness of a Movistar Estudiantes to defeat Pajariel Bembibre and two extensions in a new great duel between Cadí la Seu and IDK Gipuzkoa, which has given the Catalans the fourth ticket to the Queen’s Cup.

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Spectacular match at the Municipal de La Seu d’Urgell with two teams fighting for their chances of getting into the Queen’s Cup, and 50 minutes of equality on the court. Irati Etxarri gave the first advantages to the Catalans, while Brown and Coulibaly cleared the differences for the IDK Euskotren. Various chances of finishing before regulation time for both teams, but it had to be a basket from Laia Raventós that certified the victory. Movistar Estudiantes takes an important step to the Copa de la Reina after defeating a great Pajariel Bembibre in an even match during the first 38 minutes. Laura Quevedo was decisive in attack while Melisa Gretter dominated the rhythm in the last possessions.

The top three teams achieved victory, albeit with different paths. Perfumerías Avenida showed fatigue and it was difficult for them to come into play at the European Pavilion in Leganés. Those of Evaristo Pérez dominated until the break (42-39) but the third quarter for the Salamancans was spectacular. Valencia BC also pressed in the second half (35-45 at halftime) against a Durán Maquinaria Ensino who ran out of gasoline. Spar Girona, however, was a roller against Casademont Zaragoza, with a decisive Laia Palau (8 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists), and a great debut for Michaela Onyenwere (18 + 7).

On Sunday the day closed with an unbalanced Canarian derby. The Spar Gran Canaria entered the match with more intensity and success, led by a huge Sika Koné who had the perfect help from Nesbitt, Caldwell, Fall and Giomi (all of them with double scoring digits).


Spar Girona – Casademont Zaragoza (90-53) | MVP: R. Gardner (22)
E. Pajariel Bembibre – Movistar Students (61-70) | MVP: L. Quevedo (25)
Innova TSN Leganés – Perfumerías Avenida (69-79) | MVP: A. Okonkwo (25)
Valencia BC – Durán M. Ensino (82-65) | MVP: B. Allen (twenty)
Cadí La Seu – IDK Euskotren (60-57) | MVP: I. Etxarri (24)
Spar Gran Canaria – Tenerife (84-42) | MVP: S Koné (30)
Campus Promete – Lointek Gernika (Postponed)
Kutxabank Araski – Baxi Ferrol (Postponed)