Used to traveling every year to a basketball land such as the town of Almansa, “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” will ally this week with the Haitian Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa with Afanion) to try to anticipate what will happen on the slopes. One of the most complicated tickets of the course given the influence of Covid-19 that will prevent the dispute of up to six games on its initially scheduled date. Despite this, the power forward of the Castilian-La Mancha team will not shake his voice when it comes to clearing each of the unknowns.

Among them, the one that will lead to Movistar Students to add on the track Acunsa Gipuzkoa in the confrontation between the two newcomers of the Endesa League or the one that will allow the Covirán Granada gain ground by winning his fiefdom by Juaristi ISB. And all this without forgetting the already classic surprises such as the defeat of Leyma Coruña in his fief in the visit of a HLA Alicante that would thus regain the path of triumph … Will they be correct in their predictions?

J.13: The pool of… Kevin Bercy
Game Forecast
Covirán Granada vs Juaristi ISB one
“I think that Covirán Granada is a very good team that is in a fantastic moment of form. They have the possibility of winning against their fans to be at the top and I think that they will not miss the opportunity although Juaristi ISB is a very complicated team and that is going to make it not easy. “
MVP: Lluis Costa (Covirán)
Palmer AM Palma vs CB Almansa Afanion two
“I think the team is really looking forward to being able to play this game and even more so after our last victory. It was an important game for us because it taught us what we must do to fight for the victory against any team and now we just want to stay in the game. that way”.
MVP: The CB Almansa team
UEMC Real Valladolid vs CB Prat one
“Although the norm would be to think that Real Valladolid is going to beat a team at the bottom of the table at home, I think it will not be as simple as it seems for them because CB Prat is growing a lot in these weeks. be an even end and there the public will help those at home “.
MVP: Sergio de la Fuente (RVB)
Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs Movistar Estudiantes two
“It is going to be a very close match between the two teams that come from the ACB. In this League the dynamics are important and, although both have good squads, I think Movistar Estudiantes is feeling more comfortable in the League and that will help them to winning on a track that GBC is not doing well. “
MVP: Nemanja Djurisic (Estu)
Cáceres P. Humanidad vs TAU Castelló two
“Game with two teams that have played well in recent weeks. On the last day we saw that TAU ??Castelló is a good team and, after losing with us in Almansa I think it will be difficult for them to lose two games in a row so I bet on their victory in Cáceres this week “.
MVP: Eric Stutz (TAU Castelló)
Levitec Huesca vs Melilla Sport Capital two
“Melilla has been playing good games in recent weeks and I think that can help them a lot when facing a difficult game. They trust their game and that may weigh against a Levitec Huesca with casualties and that it has cost a little more take out the matches “.
MVP: Niko Rakocevic (Melilla SC)
Leyma Coruña vs HLA Alicante two
“It is one of the most complicated games to predict. Leyma Coruña is a very good team, but I think HLA Alicante has a very fast game that can hurt them, especially if they move their interiors away from the basket. a good level, I think they can win in A Coruña “.
MVP: Pedro Llompart (HLA)
EasyCharger Palencia vs ICG Força Lleida one
“Winning on a court like EasyCharger Palencia is something really complicated and even more so when the team is in a winning dynamic like at the moment. And that ICG Força Lleida is performing very well, but I think this game is going to cost them surprise away from home “.
MVP: Dani Rodríguez (PB)
Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs Bàsquet Girona one
“Bàsquet Girona has been doing very well since Marc Gasol joined their squad. They have grown as a team and have won important matches, but we all know that winning in Pumarín is very difficult. A pavilion in which people push a lot and in the one who can get his first defeat “.
MVP: Oliver Arteaga (OCB)

In previous days …

With a 78% accuracy, the base Alonso Meana (Unicaja Banco Oviedo) exerted for a few weeks as the leader of the season in “La Quiniela dela LEB Oro”. Specifically, after 9/7 signed by the Asturian player through a ticket neutralized by the protagonist of Matchday 9. A Mikel Sanz (Leyma Coruña) that he equaled his 7/9 and that he was about to place himself as a solo leader if it were not due to the defeat suffered by his team after a great positive streak.

In second position, they share both the forward position Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) like four Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida), both after signing 6/9 (67%) in matchdays 1 and 6 respectively and who have joined in recent weeks Pablo Hernández (TAU Castelló).

The third square remains shared between a Álex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) who stayed at 56% (5/9) during the course of Matchday 2, a Chumi Ortega (EasyCharger Palencia) with identical balance or about Marc Peñarroya (Palmer AM) Y Xabi Beraza (Acunsa Gipuzkoa) arrived during the last weeks. Close the table on 3/9 Devon Van Oostrum (Levitec Huesca) after the dispute of matchday 7.

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
one Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
two Álex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
3 Chumi Ortega (HLA Alicante) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
4 Alonso Meana (Unicaja Oviedo) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
5 Marc Peñarroya (Palmer AM) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
6 Michael Carrera (ICG Lleida) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
7 Devon van Oostrum (Levitec) 3/9 (34%) Football pools
8 Pablo Hernández (TAU) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
9 Mikel Sanz (Leyma Coruña) 7/9 (78%) Football pools
10 Xabi Beraza (Delteco GBC) 5/9 (56%) Football pools
eleven Javi Beirán (Students) 4/9 (44%) Football pools
12 Ibón Guridi (Juaristi ISB) 4/6 (67%) Football pools
13 Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La quiniela”
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
Sergi Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sàbat
(Ford Burgos)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Álvaro Lobo
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Final PO
Angel Hernandez
(Leyma Coruña)
5/5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Leyma Coruña)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Sergi huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabaté
(TAU Castelló)
9/9 (100%) Football pools