A sporting victory, but also an emotional one for a Casademont Zaragoza team that opened Matchday 16 with a hard-fought victory in Leganés in a match that had not started well enough for their interests. Something similar happened to Campus Promete in the afternoon match with a comeback culminating in extra time.

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With only two matches at stake, Matchday 16 began on the pitch of Innova-tsn Leganés with a vibrant match in which Evaristo Pérez’s players were able to take the lead for a good number of minutes. Because the Madrilenians came to see each other over ten points apart throughout almost the entire first half, against a Casademont Zaragoza who had a hard time imposing their style. It was, with the course of the second quarter when the leadership of the captain Vega Gimeno began to turn the tables, little by little equalizing the electronic score and leaving everything to be decided for the second half. After the restart, Aminata Sangaré’s fight under the hoops, together with Sierra Calhoun’s success, gradually wore down a rival who, however, did not give up. The best proof of this, the triple with which Hartmann compressed the scoreboard in the absence of a final play in which Carlos Cantero’s team had no problem resolving in their favor (75-80).

Already in the afternoon session, Campus Promete continued on a similar path to that of the Maño team in a match that did not start well for their interests given the strong push of Baxi Ferrol during the early stages. It was, as the minutes passed, when César Aneas’s players were able to balance their game, growing from defense to reduce their rival’s success. Thus, the forces were balanced at halftime, leveling the game in a third quarter in which the Riojan team came to have the initiative. But Lino López’s team had not yet said their last word with a final reaction that was about to give them victory. But on this occasion, fortune was not on the side of the Galicians and the match went into extra time after Koenen’s shot missed. Already in added time, the greatest local success, with an honorable mention for 6.75, ended up breaking the game in favor of the locals, thus stopping a negative streak of 4 games without winning (86-75).


– Innova-tsn Leganés vs Casademont Zaragoza (75-80) | MVP: A. Sangaré – 27 val.
– Campus Promete vs. Baxi Ferrol (86-75) | MVP: J. Nogic – 28 val.


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