After two weeks suffering the effects of Covid-19, the LEB Oro League has returned with force to some tracks in which Movistar Estudiantes and Bàsquet Girona have starred in a real match with a final victory for the Madrid team. A duel in which the magic of Javi Beiran and Marc Gasol has shone with its own light to offer us the best match so far this season.

FORECASTS J.16: 2/5 in the pool of… Carlos Noguerol (HLA Alicante)

FORECASTS J.12: 7/9 in La Quiniela de… Ibón Guridi (Juaristi ISB)

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CUP: The 2022 Princess Cup Final will be played on April 2-3

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Cáceres P. Humanity knew that a high pace of play could put in trouble a rival who arrived with a single assault on his legs in the last month and just a few hours after this match. An approach to which Roberto Blanco knew how to bring out the necessary brilliance for his team to surprise from the first minutes of the game to be able to reach the first intermission perfectly shot and in a good scoring dynamic (26-22). Thus, the Extremaduran team was gradually stretching the differences to a dozen points that provided peace of mind and that helped the passing of the minutes to pass with a certain speed. It was, after going through the changing rooms, when Alec Wintering’s good moment seemed to bear the best fruit, putting UEMC Real Valladolid at the wheel of its rival, but the defensive intensity of the black-and-white, led by men like Mateo Díaz or Carlos Toledo , allowed to recover some income that already accompanied the team until the final stretch to leave the victory at home (86-80).

Already on Saturday afternoon, Covirán Granada did not fail in their visit to Alicante despite the complexity of a match in which the Andalusians had to pull pick and shovel during the 40 minutes. Because no matter how hard they tried, their small differences throughout most of the match did not find a breaking point against an HLA Alicante capable of overcoming each blow. But the good defense of Lluis Costa against the figure of Pedro Llompart and Justin Pitts did a lot of damage to the locals on a night in which the return of Christian Díaz was one of the best news for the competition. Thus, Covirán managed to certify a victory with which to stay at the top of the table.

Although the big match of the day came on Sunday morning, with the visit of Bàsquet Girona to the Wizink Center in Madrid. A clash in which the people of Madrid started ahead on the scoreboard, with Javi Beiran standing out at one and the outside game scoring with a certain fluency from beyond 6.75. But the good level of the team and the environmental pressure of the more than 7,000 spectators present was not enough to be able to land in between against a rival “forced” to give everything in each action in the presence of an imperial Marc Gasol on the track. A true leader who was joined by the solidity of Albert Sàbat in the direction, the ability of Josep Franch to penetrate or the good minutes of a Max Fjellerup who made his debut in style with the Girona shirt. In this way, the visiting team came to see themselves ahead on the scoreboard after the break, but once again, the leadership of a great Beiran, joined by the experience of newcomer Larsen and the talent of Jackson, was enough to to be able to invert the marker for the last time. The victory stayed at home and Movistar Estudiantes breathed a sigh of relief despite Marc Gasol’s +39 (88-80).

In parallel, an important away win for Acunsa Gipuzkoa Basket against CB Prat who were unable to maintain the high pace of play imposed by the team from San Sebastian throughout 40 intense minutes on the court (70-81). A valuable result like the one harvested in the Autonomous City by a Melilla Sport Capital that had to wait until the last play to win by the minimum to Unicaja Banco Oviedo (79-78). The day closed from Azpeitia on Sunday afternoon with a really important duel facing the fight for permanence, a match in which Juaristi ISB did not give Levitec Huesca an option, especially in a second half in which the forcefulness local left the Huesca team without options (89-56).


– Cáceres P. Humanity vs UEMC Real Valladolid (86-80) | MVP: A. Wintering – 30 val.
J.12: HLA Alicante vs Covirán Granada (78-83) | MVP: T. Bropleh – 20 val.
– Movistar Students vs Basketball Girona (88-80) | MVP: M. Gasol – 39 val.
– CB Prat vs Acunsa Gipuzkoa (70-81) | MVP: M. Barton – 24 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs. Unicaja Oviedo (79-78) | MVP: H. Frey – 24 val.
– Juaristi ISB vs. Levitec Huesca (89-56) | MVP: O. Hanzlik – 26 val.

– Palmer Mediterranean Soul vs ICG Força Lleida
– HLA Alicante vs EasyCharger Palencia
– TAU Castelló vs Leyma Coruña
– CB Almansa with Afanion vs Covirán Granada