Sant Antoni Ibiza ceded to the head of the Eastern Conference to thus cede the leadership to a Bueno Arenas Albacete who did not fail in the Manchego derby and Teknei Zornotza and Hereda Ourense lost in their respective away duels to allow Zamora Enamora and Tizona Burgos cut differences in the West. Although the great beneficiary of this Group could be an Alega Cantabria who beat Algeciras and who could take the lead alone after the dispute of their two postponed duels in Melilla and Gijón.


New commotion in the Western Conference where the leadership is one more week red hot after the defeats of Tekneo Zornotza and Hereda Ourense fueling the fight for a first place that could reach up to five teams during the next weekend. A privilege that in the East is in possession of a Bueno Arenas Albacete that grows week after week and that took full advantage of the defeat of Sant Antoni Ibiza.

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It seemed difficult that they could be surprised at home given the level of play that Sant Antoni Ibiza was showing, but the arrival of CB Cornellá on the Island has led to the first Balearic defeat in their fiefdom in the last two and a half months. A result based on the good start of the game by Mateo Rubio’s men and, especially, on his ability to minimize the effects of Hurricane Grimau in the final stretch of the match. In this way, the local team gave way at the head of a table in which Bueno Arenas Albacete went on to take the provisional lead by reaping their fifth consecutive victory. In this case, in a La Mancha derby on the El Ventero CBV track where the team from Albacete demonstrated its ambition in the category. And all this without losing sight of a Mi Arquitecto CB Benicarló who added the twelfth for the triple head tie by beating Decolor FG La Roda at home. A game that did not start well for their interests and in which the local comeback saved a valuable victory.

Although the two most eye-catching matches for the fans came in the final stretch of a Saturday afternoon in which Recambios Gaudí CB Mollet achieved a centenary victory against Safir Fruits Alginet in parallel to a Madrid derby resolved in extra time in favor of a Real Canoe who knew how to wait for his moment against a feisty Zentro Basket.

For its part, the Western Conference experienced a real revolution in its noble zone with the defeat of the first two classified away from home Because neither Teknei Zornotza nor Hereda Ourense were able to add positively away from home in two very different matches since the Basques they fell with a certain clarity against Zamora Enamora while the Ourenses let the victory slip away in a last play in which they did not find the hoop, which could have meant their victory. A situation that neither the Zamorano team itself, nor a Tizona Burgos who prevailed over Aquimisa Carbajosa with his usual basket-control, did not miss out on qualifying. Although one of the great beneficiaries of the day was a Grupo Alega Cantabria that won without trouble on the court of Damex UDEA Algeciras to place with the same victories as the leaders with two games less in their locker.

The weekend was completed in the West with important away wins for Melilla Sport Capital in Morón de la Frontera as well as for CB Marbella in Gijón, while Reina Yogur Clavijo took a new step forward in their fiefdom to beat Ponferrada Clinic. For its part, the Eastern Conference had a duel of ACB academies in store for us on Sunday morning, which resulted in Valencia Basket winning away against Herbalife Gran Canaria, which lost ground in the second quarter and lacked time to complete the final comeback. The duo formed by Jiménez and Bellver, key to the taronja team.


– My Architect CB Benicarló vs Decolor FG La Roda (78-65) | MVP: B. Konate – 20 val.
– El Ventero CBV vs Bueno Arenas Albacete (72-91) | MVP: T. Janusevicius – 20 val.
– Spare parts Gaudí CB Mollet vs Safir Fruits Alginet (102-87) | MVP: R. Gadiliauskas – 28 val.
– Sant Antoni Ibiza vs CB Cornellá (70-76) | MVP: I. May – 32 val.
– Zentro Basket vs. Sinergia Sol. Real Canoe (88-96) | MVP: A. Ortiz – 28 val.
– Herbalife Gran Canaria vs. Valencia BC (79-84) | MVP: S. Mutaf – 23 val.


– Hestia Menorca vs FC Cartagena |

– CB Morón vs. Melilla Sport Capital (78-81) | MVP: A. Jorda – 24 val
– Zamora Enamora vs Teknei Zornotza (78-58) | MVP: A. Cabrera – 22 val.
– Tizona Univ, Burgos vs. Aquimisa Carbajosa (83-73) | MVP: M. Ewuosho – 22 val.
– Reina Yogurt Clavijo vs Ponferrada Clinic (73-65) | MVP: Y. Sakhniuk – 32 val.
– Enerparking BNC vs Hereda Ourense (72-71) | MVP: S. Ugochukwu – 25 val.
– Damex UDEA Algeviras vs Alleges Cantabria (65-86) | MVP: Y. Estévez – 29 val
– Circle Gijon vs CB Marbella (61-69) | MVP: T. Cameron – 23 val

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