Matchday 17 was full of surprises, with away wins in all six games played on Sunday. In the absence of two pending matches, the day has been round for Movistar Estudiantes, who have won in Pumarín, and who have seen Covirán Granada fall at home against Cáceres, a World Heritage Site. The passport to the Princess Cup is almost in the pocket of Jota Cuspinera’s men, who have two games left in the first round. Acunsa Gipuzkoa and Leyma Coruña also lost to Tau Castelló and Almansa with Afanion, respectively.

FORECASTS J.17: 4/5 in the pool of… Jaume Lobo (Cáceres P. Humanity)
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Sunday’s morning session was spectacular, with four away wins from four other games. Movistar Estudiantes consolidates its leadership with one game less and one more victory than its pursuer, Covirán Granada. Jota Cuspinera’s men suffered during their visit to Pumarín, with Unicaja Banco Oviedo controlling the first two quarters thanks to the inside play of Arteaga and Kabasele. But in the decisive minutes the important players of the college team appeared: Edwin Jackson started (who ended up injured in the last quarter), Kevin Larsen continued (in his best game as a student) and closed Faggiano and Beiran with two triples in the last two minutes. .

The victory of Movistar Estudiantes was combined in time with the defeat of Covirán Granada on their field, after having controlled the game in the first half and wasting a 19-point lead. The good work of Lluis Costa and Pere Tomás was offset in the second half with points from Schmidt and Dukan and the last minutes of a former man like Manu Rodríguez, author of 13 points in the last two quarters. On Sunday morning there were two other visiting victories: that of a meritorious Tau Castelló on the Acunsa Gipuzkoa track with a good job by Óscar Alvarado. And that of a CB Prat that ends the week with two victories and one step ahead of Arnau Parrrado.

On Sunday afternoon two new visiting victories. Almansa with Eddy Polanco’s Afanion (33 points, 10 rebounds and a PIR of 42) gave Leyma Coruña no chance, winning three of the four quarters. On the other hand, HLA Alicante had an exquisite first half in Fontajau (61 points scored) with Pedro Llompart in charge of operations and beating a Bàsquet Girona team that could not count on Marc Gasol due to physical problems. On Saturday, UEMC Valladolid took a leap forward in the standings with a hard-fought and important victory against a Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma team that was only inferior in the third quarter. The match remained even until the break with a scoring duel between Jordy Kuiper and Wesley van Beck. But after the break, Pavelka’s personnel problems and some good minutes from Puidet and Pippen gave the Pucelanos a short but sufficient lead.


– UEMC Real Valladolid vs Palmer AM Palma (71-64) | MVP: J Kuiper and K Pippen: 17 ok
– Covirán Granada vs Cáceres P. Humanity (80-86) | MVP: D. Dukan: 21 ok
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs TAU Castelló (69-77) | MVP: O. Alvarado: 17 ok
– Levitec Huesca vs. CB Prat (80-89) | MVP: A. Ibarguren: 19 ok
– Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs. Movistar Students (67-75) | MVP: H Kabasele: 22 ok
– Leyma Coruña vs CB Almansa with Afanion (79-95) | MVP: E Polanco: 42 val
– Basketball Girona vs HLA Alicante (75-94) | R Jakstas: 27 ok

– ICG Força Lleida vs. Melilla Sport Capital
– EasyCharger Palencia vs. Juaristi ISB