Fourth consecutive victory for Casademont Zaragoza in the small advance of a Matchday 17 in which Valencia Basket could not prevail in their feud against a Spar Girona that dominated the game from the beginning to make the most of the small incomes they had during the 40 minutes.

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It wasn’t their best game from the outside line and Carlos Cantero’s players couldn’t dominate the rebound either, but the great unity of the group led to a sensational team effort to be able to add their fourth consecutive win. Because practically from the beginning, the Aragonese showed their desire for victory, thus dominating a first period that would ultimately prove decisive (22-10). And that Cadí La Seu tried in every possible way to get closer on the scoreboard, but the constant growth of Hempe in the local game, together with the total lack of success of Cadí La Seu from beyond the goal line three (0/12), ended up costing Carlos Canut’s team dearly. In this way, Casademont Zaragoza approached third place (71-42).

Already in the afternoon session, La Fonteta offered us an exciting match in which Valencia Basket could not beat Spar Girona at home. And it is that the players from Girona were able to dominate the tempo of the game during the 40 minutes against a Valencia Basket lack of success and in which only Cristina Ouviña was capable of responding to the points of her rival. A player who by herself was insufficient against a Spar Girona that recovered María Araujo and who knew how to resolve perfectly to place herself one victory away from an Avenida leader with two games less in her locker (55-61).


– Casademont Zaragoza vs. Cadi La Seu (71-42) | MVP: M. Hempe – 22 val.
– Valencia Basket vs Spar Girona (55-61) | MVP: C. Ouviña – 22 val.


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