Visiting this weekend one of the debutants in the competition, “The Quiniela of the LEB Gold” falls on this occasion on the figure of the escort Jaume Lobo (Cáceres P. Humanity). A daring escort on the slopes when it comes to assuming responsibilities, but also off them where he will have no problem taking pencil and paper to launch his forecasts for a seamless day from above. Because for the Catalan player, neither the Coviran Granada neither him Movistar Students they will fail in the search for two wins with which to approach the Final of the Princess of Asturias Cup.

A noble area for which he hopes to be able to fight again after a new victory for his Cáceres P. Humanity and after a weekend in which the CB Prat He will be one of the main winners from below with his victory away from home… Will they be correct in their predictions?

J.17: The pool of… Jaume Lobo
Game Forecast
UEMC Real Valladolid vs Palmer AM Palma one
“Palmer AM Palma arrives in Valladolid with a certain need, but I think that UEMC Real Valladolid is a much more complicated team when it plays at home and that it will not have any problems when it comes to fighting for victory with the support of his hobby. So, let’s go with a one.”
MVP: Sergio de la Fuente (RVB)
Covirán Granada vs Cáceres P. Humanity two
“I have no doubt that the people of Cáceres will take the victory. We came from a tough defeat in Almansa during the last postponed game and we want to recover. We are going to offer the best version of our game and with that we are going to beat the leader in his court in a complicated game”.
MVP: Devin Schmidt (CPH)
Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs TAU Castello one
“Two teams that would surely like to have a few more wins in their locker as they have good squads. On this occasion, their direct duel will help one of the two and, if I had to decide the winner, I think Acunsa Gipuzkoa will therefore be closer to playing at home”.
MVP: Benjamin Simons (GBC)
Levitec Huesca The Magic vs CB Prat two
“I think that CB Prat is having great matches in recent days and, after the one we were able to see during the week in Valladolid, I think they are in a winning dynamic. Also being a match against a direct rival in the fight for permanence, I don’t think let them fail.”
MVP: Arnau Parrado (CB Prat)
EasyCharger Palencia vs Juaristi ISB one
“Here I am going to opt for EasyCharger Palencia as the winner, because they have a great squad, because they still have options to be in the Cup and because playing at home and in front of their fans I don’t think they will have any problem to be able to get a valuable victory “.
MVP: Prince Ali (EasyCharger)
Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs Movistar Students two
“It will probably be the big game of the day because two of the best and strongest squads in the competition face each other. It will be a difficult game for them, but Movistar Estudiantes have a great squad that will end up winning an important victory on their way to the Cup”.
MVP: Javier Beiran (Students)
Leyma Coruña vs CB Almansa with Afanion one
“Here it is true that CB Almansa has just played a good game against us this week, but I think that Leyma Coruña is one of the great teams in the competition and that, after several postponed games and playing at home as they do, They should have trouble winning the game.”
MVP: Nick Ward (Law)
Basketball Girona vs HLA Alicante one
“Bàsquet Girona has taken a giant step in recent days with the arrival of Marc Gasol. The other day in Lleida they competed very well despite not being able to count on him, so I think that, playing at home, they shouldn’t let pass the opportunity to add a victory with which to grow towards the Playoffs”.
MVP: Max Fjellerup (B. Girona)
ICG Força Lleida vs Melilla Sport Capital one
“It is clear that ICG Força Lleida is being one of the great teams this season in the competition. We could already see this Thursday against Girona that playing at home they are a very solid team and, although they cannot play yet this weekend, I think they can win this match back.”
MVP: Thomas Shreiner (ICG)

In previous sessions…

With a 78% success rate, the point guard Alonso Meana (Unicaja Banco Oviedo) exerted for some weeks as the leader of the season in “The Quiniela of the LEB Gold”. Specifically, after the 7/9 signed by the Asturian player through a ticket neutralized by the protagonist of matchday 9. A Mikel Sanz (Leyma Coruna) who equaled his 7/9 and was about to become the sole leader if it weren’t for the defeat suffered by his team after a great positive streak.

In second position, they share the position of both the forward Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) like four Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida)both after signing a 6/9 (67%) on days 1 and 6 respectively and to which he has joined in recent weeks Pablo Hernandez (TAU Castello).

The third place remains shared between a Alex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) which remained at 56% (5/9) during the course of Day 2, a Chumi Ortega (EasyCharger Palencia) with identical balance or about Marc Peñarroya (Palmer AM) Y Xabi Beraza (Acunsa Gipuzkoa) arrived in the last few weeks. Close the table on 9/3 Devon Van Oostrum (Levitec Huesca) after the dispute of day 7.

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team hits Link
one Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
two Alex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
3 Chumi Ortega (EasyCharger) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
4 Alonso Meana (Unicaja Oviedo) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
5 Marc Peñarroya (Palmer AM) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
6 Michael Carrera (ICG Lleida) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
7 Devon van Oostrum (Levitech) 3 / 9 (34%) Football pools
8 Pablo Hernandez (TAU) 6 / 9 (67%) Football pools
9 Mikel Sanz (Leyma Coruna) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
10 Xabi Beraza (Delteco GBC) 5 / 9 (56%) Football pools
eleven Javi Beiran (Students) 4 / 9 (44%) Football pools
12 Ibon Guridi (Juaristi ISB) 7 / 9 (78%) Football pools
13 Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa) 2 / 4 (50%) Football pools
14 Juan Garcia-Abril (UEMC RVB) 4 / 7 (57%) Football pools
fifteen Eric Vila (Basketball Girona) 1 / 1 (100%) Football pools
16 Carlos Noguerol (HLA Alicante) 2 / 5 (40%) Football pools
17 Jaume Lobo (Cáceres PH) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La Quiniela”
Working day Player – Team hits Link
Sergio Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sabat
(Ford Burgos)
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
Alvaro Lobo
7 / 7 (100%) Football pools
End PO
Angel Hernandez
(Law Coruna)
5 / 5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Law Coruna)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools
Sergio Huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabate
(TAU Castello)
9 / 9 (100%) Football pools