Complete meeting of Bàsquet Girona on the Fontajau parquet to add to their locker the fourteenth victory of the course. A victory with which to reach fifth place in a table in which they begin to ask for a step.

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FORECASTS: 6/9 in the pool of… Arnau Parrado (CB Prat)

REPORTAGE: Marc Gasol and the intimate enemies of those summer nights

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With a good start to the game in which they showed their most usual cards, the Bàsquet Girona players were able to take on small gains against a Juaristi ISB who knew perfectly well that their time at Fontajau was not going to be easy at all. Despite this, Iñaki Jiménez’s team was able to withstand the different offensive onslaughts of their rival and contain the success of a Marc Gasol facing the hoop who, however, gained weight for his team, attracting the attention of the rival defense . This allowed Jordi Sagartal’s men to explore other ways, specifically with their point guards, since both Albert Sàbat and Josep Franch were able to put land in the middle of the scoreboard throughout a third quarter in which They began to lay the foundations for victory. And although the Basque team tried until the end, the Catalans reached the last quarter with a control over the tempo of the game that ended up serving to certify the victory (85-73).


– Leyma Coruña vs Cáceres P. Humanity (74-55) | MVP: B. Mbala – 19 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs Palmer AM Palma (82-89) | MVP: W. Van Beck – 23 val.
– ICG Força Lleida vs. Movistar Students (81-75) | MVP: T. Schreiner – 26 val
– EasyCharger Palencia vs. CB Prat (74-83) | MVP: A. Ibarguen – 22 val.
– Levitec Huesca La Magia vs TAU Castelló (93-94) | MVP: X. King – 34 val.
– Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs. HLA Alicante (54-77) | MVP: G. Simmons – 28 val.
– Covirán Granada vs UEMC Real Valladolid (89-75) | MVP: M. Niang – 21 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs CB Almansa with Afanion (101-78) | MVP: K Bercy – 25 val.


– Basketball Girona vs. Juaristi ISB (85-73) | MVP: M. Ansorregui – 21 val.