A Catalan derby is always a special match in a LEB Gold League in which, as if that were not enough, the fans of the CB Prat found this week an added value with the arrival of the Basketball Girona from Marc Gasol. A player who was not going to be able to participate in the match but who livened up the clash with the mere presence of him on the Girona bench. Although his leading role in the Joan Busquets did not take long to give ground in favor of a T. J. Crockett who burst into the game in a big way, with a sensational staging.

Because the North American base imposed during the first stages of the game the rhythm of the game that most interested his team to exercise. minutes later, as the main hope for the comeback when things were getting worse for his team. In this way, TJ was able to reach the 34 PIR goals in a match in which he secured a total of 29 points (12/13 TL and 8/13 TC), 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 recoveries and 7 fouls received.

Although their inertia in the game of Potablava was not enough to complete a comeback that was dissolved by the greater success of the visitors in the final stages (85-89).

Anecdotal section:

First MVP in his time in the LEB Gold League, first MVP in his still brief experience in Europe and first MVP for the Potablava team during 2022 in which the Catalans have been able to take a step forward in the competition to take distances with relegation places. A fact in which Crockett has played a fundamental role and in which, curiously, his best performance has not been able to count on the prize of a victory that he did find during the last days.

The ideal quintet of the day:

It began to be drawn in the first meeting with the arrival of TJ Crockett (CB Prat) as the best base of the day and closed in the last of his duels with the inclusion of Kevin Larsen (Movistar Students) as best pivot. Two really valuable players for their teams and who, however, suffered disparate luck in the Ideal Quintet of the day since victory only smiled on the player from the Madrid team. In between, the eaves Jalen Nesbitt (CB Almansa with Afanion) and the power forward Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa With Afanion) They were fundamental for the La Mancha team to be able to impose themselves on their fiefdom against a direct rival in the initial fight for permanence. The best five was completed from Son Moix with the good meeting of Elijah Brown (Palmer AM Palma) against the category leader.

Base: TJ Crockett (CB Prat) 3. 4 ok: 29 points (12/13 TL and 8/13 TC), 6 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 recoveries and 7 fouls received.
Shooting guard: Elijah Brown (Palmer AM Palma) val 23: 27 points (9/9 TL and 7/14 TC), 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 5 fouls received.
Eaves: Jalen Nesbitt (CB Almansa with Afanion) 25 val: 15 points (9/9 TL and 3/4 TC), 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 7 fouls received.
Power forward: Kevin Bercy (CB Almansa with Afanion) val 27: 17 points (1/1 TL and 8/14 TC), 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 recovery and 3 fouls received.
Pivot: Kevin Larsen (Movistar Students)
27 ok: 18 points (3/3 TL and 7/9 TC), 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery and 4 fouls received.

season stats – T. J. Crockett:

Games played: 18
Minutes: 26.18
Points: 12.7
Rebounds: 2.4
Assists: 2.6
Recoveries: 1
Plugs: 0.2
Fouls received: 3.7
Rating: 10.9

sports career – T. J. Crockett:

Training: University City High School (USA)
2017/21: Lindenwood Lions (NCAA II – USA)
2021/22: CB Prat (LEB Gold)