From Granada to the Autonomous City of Melilla, “The Quiniela de la LEB Oro” visit a new historic field to get into the hands of another of the LaLiga classics, a Alex Llorca who smiles again after several months away from the slopes due to injury. A player who knows the League like few others and who takes a pencil and paper to anticipate what will happen on a day in which the first defeat of the league could come. Movistar Students by hand of your own equipment.

The main surprise of a ticket in which the victory of his Melilla Sport Capitalwould join the ensembles like the AcunsaGipzkoa that will premiere at home in a big way or that of some CB Almansa, HLA Alicante or Leyma Coruñathat they will release their lockers like this … Will their predictions be right?

J.2: The pool of… Álex Llorca
Game Forecast
Leyma Coruña vs UEMC Real Valladolid 1
“A good game between two teams that started with defeat and that, therefore, will want to start winning when before. UEMC Real Valladolid played a good game at home, but I think that playing at home, Leyma Coruña can end up imposing on 40 minutes the quality of your staff “.
MVP: Alec Wintering (RVB)
Levitec Huesca La Magia vs CB Almansa 2
“Although they have not started the League quite well, I think that having a coach like Rubén Perelló can help CB Almansa to recover to make the best match possible. They have a good squad and that will help them when looking for the victory against a Levitec Huesca still under construction “.
MVP: Eddy Polanco (Almansa)
Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs Cáceres P. Humanidad 1
“Acunsa Gipuzkoa started the season with a very good game on a complicated court in Almansa so, this time, I don’t think they will have problems adding another victory despite the fact that the game will not be far from easy. Cáceres will it will make it very difficult … “.
MVP: Aegir Steinarson (GBC)
Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs Juaristi ISB 1
“After 50 minutes of play in Alicante, we will have to take into account the fatigue factor, but I think that Unicaja Oviedo played a great game and that that winning basket can give the team the confidence to be able to impose on their court the Juaristi ISB “.
MVP: Harald Frey (Unicaja)
Covirán Granada vs Palmer Alma Mediterránea 1
“They come from having a great season and have a great team so it will be very difficult to see Covirán Granada lose games this year and even more so when they play at home. On the first match they came back when everything seemed lost and that is a good indication of its potential. “
MVP: Maximum Fjellerup (BSA)
ICG Força Lleida vs HLA Alicante 2
“They are both coming from defeat and will want to improve their feelings. ICG Força Lleida is at a great level when Michael Carrera is on the court, but I think the HLA Alicante game against Oviedo could be a good starting point for that. I think his outside game will be decisive and decisive. “
MVP: Michael Carrera (ICG)
Basketball Girona vs CB Prat 1
“It is one of those games in which I would like to put an X because I have a lot of affection for them and I would like both of them to win. As you cannot be you, you have to choose one, I am going to opt for Bàsquet Girona, although their victory will come after a very close game that will be decided in the last minutes. “
MVP: Andrés Ibargüen (CB Prat)
Melilla Sport Capital vs Movistar Estudiantes 1
“There is no doubt here. We are facing the best squad in the competition, a team made by and for promotion, but I think the victory on the first day has strengthened us as a team. We know very well how we want to play and we are going to try to impose our style in order to win. “
MVP: Alex Llorca (Melilla SC)
EasyCharger Palencia vs TAU Castelló 1
“Another one of those even matches between two good teams. The victory is important because whoever manages to prevail will be placed at the top with a 2-0. It can be a match that is decided at the end and I think that perhaps the home court factor can help EasyCharger Palencia for the victory to stay at home “.
MVP: Eric Stutz (TAU Castelló)

In previous days …

The first day of competition concluded and, with it, came the first balance of the season in “The Quinielade the LEB Oro”. A final scrutiny that led to Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) to sign a 67% success after intuiting what was going to happen in 6 of the 9 tracks of the competition. A good start if we take into account the difficulty that usually surrounds the opening days.

The pool of the day in the LEB Oro
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
1 Pere Tomàs (Covirán Granada) 6/9 (67%) Football pools
2 Álex Llorca (Melilla Sport Capital) ———- Football pools
Absolute records in “La quiniela”
Working day Player – Team Hits Link
Sergi Pino
(Melilla Bto)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Albert Sàbat
(Ford Burgos)
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Alvaro Lobo
7/7 (100%) Football pools
Final PO
Angel Hernandez
(Leyma Coruña)
5/5 (100%) Football pools
Carlos Martinez
(Leyma Coruña)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Sergi huguet
(Palmer Mediterranean Soul)
9/9 (100%) Football pools
Joel Sabaté
(TAU Castelló)
9/9 (100%) Football pools