Less than a week before the Cup draw, the ‘seeded teams’ have had a great demand against the ‘outsiders’ of the cup tournament. Movistar Estudiantes was ahead on the scoreboard for many minutes and had the ball to beat Perfumerías Avenida. Lointek Genika were up 16 against Valencia BC, although Rubén Burgos’s men recovered in the second period. And the IDK Euskotren extended its great moment in form, decisively defeating the IDK Euskotren.


After the national team break, players such as Tamara Abalde returned to the pitch, Lointek Gernika paid tribute to its point guard Itziar Ariztimuño, and several matches of a tremendous level. Lointek Gernika and Movistar Estudiantes dominated Valencia BC and Perfumerías Avenida respectively for many minutes, while Spar Girona impressed in Leganés with their entire squad. IDK Euskotren continues in steamroller mode, taking Casademont Zaragoza ahead, while Tenerife breathes a little more relief after the victory achieved by Claudio García’s men. An inaugural meeting in which they prevailed over a direct rival in the fight for permanence such as Baxi Ferrol; something similar to what Spar Gran Canaria did against Durán Maquinaria Ensino.

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The big game of the day was played in Würzburg, with a Perfumerías Avenida affected by casualties (Katie Lou Samuelson and Nogaye Lo) and a Movistar Estudiantes that achieved its best performance against superior rivals. The Gretter-Ortiz-Fingall trident dismantled Roberto Íñiguez’s men who had to entrust themselves to their defense to get ahead in a game that was getting complicated at times. The ladies from Madrid had the ball to win, with seven seconds on the clock, but neither Melisa Gretter nor Mariona Ortiz could lift the ball.

Valencia BC suffered during their visit to Maloste. A Lointek Gernika commanded by a Lashan Higgs who can provide offensive power to the Biscayans, was up 16 in the second quarter (38-22), but the defense of Rubén Burgos’s men pressed to reduce differences and get a small lead but comfortable to avoid trouble in the final minutes. Bec Allen (19 points) helped by Laura Gil and Leticia Romero (12) were decisive.

The team from the upper zone that suffered the least was Spar Girona, who had no problems getting the victory against Innova-tsn Leganés. Alfred Julbe was able to count on the full squad and was able to rotate his 12 players after overcoming all the physical problems. In the duel of positive streaks, IDK Euskotren completely nullified the offensive power of Casademont Zaragoza to achieve victory number 12 (the fifth in a row) with four players above ten points.

In the lower zone, the victory of SPAR Gran Canaria against Durán Maquinaria Ensino in which Tamara Abalde played again was important. But a new display by Sika Koné (11 points and 17 rebounds) and the offensive power of Blanca Millán (17 points) and Maya Caldwell (25) were key to the victory of the locals. Campus Promete didn’t have any problems either, in a match decided in the first half with the outside line from La Rioja (Ayuso-Estebas-Alarcón-Nogic) exceeding 10 points each.

It is always important to be able to return to the competition with victory after a break and even more so if what is at stake is permanence in the category. A message that Tenerife understood perfectly on a Wednesday night in which the Canary Islands deservedly beat a direct rival. Because there was little Baxi Ferrol could do in the face of the high level of concentration of Claudio García’s team on both sides of the track. In this way, the local team acquired its first advantages already in a first quarter in which its rebounding superiority paid off. Although the passing of the minutes was Tenerife’s best ally since it allowed Gorecki to impose his superiority until he could channel a valuable victory (73-58).


– Tenerife vs Baxi Ferrol (73-58) | MVP: H. Gorecki – 22 val.
– Lointek Gernika vs. Valencia Basket (62-72) | MVP: B. Allen – 22val
– SPAR Gran Canaria vs Duran M. Ensino (73-61) | MVP: S. Koné – 30 val
– IDK Euskotren vs Casademont Zaragoza (65-35) | MVP: M Coulibaly – 16 val
– Perfumeries Avenue vs. Movistar Students (71-70) | MVP: N. Fingall – 22val
– Innova-tsn Leganés vs. Spar Girona (59-100) | MVP: R. Gardner – 22val
– Campus Promete vs. E. Pajariel Bembibre (77-50) | MVP: P. Estebas – 18 val

– Cadí La Seu vs. Kutxabank Araski (March 9) | ChannelFEB.tv

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