J.21: Barça continues to do its own thing at the top of the table after a new ordeal from Recoletas Zamora

Barça CBS resolved its commitment in Pamplona with some ease so, once the weekly question of the leader was resolved, the competition was able to focus on the matches of their pursuers. A platoon in which a Recoletas Zamora is beginning to show his head, who added his ninth consecutive victory in his visit to the Vantage Towers Alcobendas track to place himself with the same number of victories as the people from Madrid and a Hozono Global Jairis who won without hardship in his fief to Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB.


Recoletas Zamora grows like foam in an LF Challenge in which the players from Zamora seem to have rediscovered their best game. This is endorsed by their nine consecutive victories, the last of them against the demanding Vantage Towers Alcobendas.

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It was the first duel of the afternoon and in it, Osés Construccion Ardoi jumped onto the field of the impressive Pamplona Arena to try to intimidate the leader of the category. But Barça CBS gave no chance to the surprise, perfectly dominating the match from the first bars. A game in which Alejandra Quirante’s leadership did a lot of damage to a rival who gave ground to Itziar Llovet’s success to go in tow throughout a second half in which the Blaugrana knew how to handle the match perfectly. In this way, Isaac Fernández’s team added the sixteenth consecutive victory to become strong in a leadership since they gave prominence to their pursuers.

In this way, the focus traveled to Alcantarilla and Alcobendas where the second place in the table was going to be put into play. An unknown factor that was temporarily resolved with a triple tie between a Hozono Global Jairis who clearly prevailed over Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB in his fiefdom, a Vantage Towers Alcobendas who could not win in front of his fans and a Recoletas Zamora who became the executioner of Madrid adding their ninth consecutive win. Three teams that thus placed themselves four wins away from the first place, in turn marking differences over the bulk of the Playoffs where CAB Estepona was one of the great beneficiaries with their solid victory at home against an Advisoria Mataró Mareste that could not contain the MVP Ana Pocek.

Saturday afternoon was completed with the triumph of Joventut Badalona in the Catalan derby against Lima Horta Barcelona as well as the away victory of Celta Zorka Recalvi who worked hard to win over Sinergia Real Canoe in Madrid. For its part, the Manuela Fundación Raca was able to clinch the last win of the weekend on a Sunday evening in which Maribel Piñar’s players perfectly controlled the tempo of the match to be able to win the points.


– CAB Estepona JCDS vs Advisoria Mataró Maresme (75-54) | MVP: A. Pocel – 27 val
– Osés C. Ardoi vs Barça CBS (49-68) | MVP: D. Cabrera – 23 val.
– Lima Horta Barcelona vs Joventut Badalona (49-59) | MVP: B. Garcia – 16 val.
– Hozono Global Jairis vs Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB (76-51) | MVP: B. Royo – 19 val
– Vantage Towers Alcobendas vs Recoletas Zamora (67-77) | MVP: G. Mestres – 23 val.
– Synergy Solutions Real Canoe vs Celta Zorka Recalvi (57-64) | MVP: P. Soler – 20 val.
– Manuela Fundación Raca vs Hierros Díaz Extremadura Miralvalle (75-60) | MVP: V. Reynolds – 23 val.


– Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres Extremadura vs NB Paterna (To be determined) | ChannelFEB.tv

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