It was an important day for the interests of the first classified, but neither ISE CB Almería, nor Vega Lagunera Toyota on one side of the country (Group A), nor Segle XXI on the other (Group B), were able to add positive to what throughout a day in which the damage was minimized with his fall in group at the head of both classifications. A situation that Unilevers Viladecans did not miss to establish itself at the top of its conference.


Weekend to forget for the top finishers of a Women’s League 2 in which three of the strongest teams in the competition let victory slip away.

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: Silvia Marceló: “I’m enjoying myself on the track”

Vega Lagunera Toyota had fallen on Saturday afternoon during its visit to Unicaja and that gave ISE CB Almería a really interesting option to assume command of Group A alone, but the Andalusians “matched” the result of the Canary Islands for a few hours later when falling into his feud with a CLVDG Magectías who knew how to take advantage of his moment. Something similar happened in Group B where Segle XXI had not been able to prevail at home against Fustecma NBF Castelló, but on this occasion, their pursuer did not fail as Unilever Viladecans added not one but two wins counting on their postponed duel of the J.16 and in which the Catalans prevailed at the Anagan Stadium Casablanca. A victory with which to recover lost ground and with which to look optimistically at the final stage of the competition.


– M. Antón Cortegada vs. HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (59-65) | MVP: S. Gomez – 24 val.
– GDKO Ibaizabal vs. Milar Cordoba (61-64) | MVP: C. Covane – 19 val.
– Unicaja vs Vega Lagunera Toyota (83-64) | MVP: J. Dacosta – 24 val.
– Maristas Coruña vs Asisa Alhaurin de la Torre (59-65) | MVP: A. Johnson – 24 val.
– BF León vs Compostela Institutes (57-51) | MVP: M. Diez – 18 val.
– ISE CB Almería vs Magectías Clvdg (58-61) | MVP: C. Mateo – 19 val.
J.19: Maristas Coruna vs Milar Cordoba (91-55) | MVP: P. Dorda – 21 val.

– Melilla Sport Capital vs CB Arxil

J.16: Ekke CB Lleida vs GEiEG (61-47) | MVP: M. Tous – 19 val.
– Anagan STC vs Olympic District (53-29) | MVP: A. Portalez – 19 val.
– Asnimo Agora Portals vs. Wintym FSA (43-75) | MVP: A. Barceló – 19 val.
– Azulejos Moncayo vs. GEiEG (50-51) | MVP: V. Gonzalez – 21 val.
– Germans Homs UE Mataró vs Picken Claret (43-52) | MVP: C. Fiorotto – 17 val.
– Unilever Viladecans vs. Sant Josep Obrer (66-50) | MVP: S. Marcelo – 23 val
– Fustecma NBF Castelló vs Segle XXI (67-62) | MVP: E. Buenavida – 21 val.
J. 16: Anagan STC vs Unilever Viladecans (44-64) | MVP: ;. Warrior – 21 val.
– Basket Almeda vs Ekke CB Lleida (66-42) | MVP: M. Aviñoa – 20 val.

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