J.22: Teknei Zornotza knocks down Hereda Ourense to crown Tizona Burgos as the new leader of the West

The party continues at the Polideportivo Larrera where Teknei Zornotza has added a new triumph after their cup title, this time against Hereda Ourense who ended up giving up their leadership to Tizona Universidad de Burgos who proved intractable in their fiefdom. In the Eastern Conference, the Bueno Arenas Albacete did not fail at the top of the table followed closely by a Sant Antoni Ibiza that returned to add positive after the cup final.


Another qualifying turnaround in the Western Conference with the victory of the Cup champion, a Teknei Zornotza who beat Hereda Ourense in their fiefdom to separate the Galicians from a first place that passed into the hands of an intractable Tizona Burgos on the pitch of El I plant.

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The LEB Plata returned to the competition after the Cup Final dispute and its return to the Larrea parquet could not have had a better result. Because Mikel Garitaonandia’s men knocked out the leader of the Conference, a Hereda Ourense who clearly gave in to a team launched for victory and who did not give an option at the hands of an Alberto Cabrera who repeated MVP. Although the great beneficiary of this result, was a few kilometers away, specifically in a city of Burgos where Tizona Universidad de Burgos easily beat a Melilla Sport Capital to reach first place. Of course, with the same number of victories and one more game than a Grupo Alega Cantabria that did not fail during their visit to Ponferrada on a night in which the visiting victories also accompanied Damex UDEA Algeciras and Aquimisa Carbajosa.

On the other side of the country, Bueno Arenas Albacete did not waste the opportunity to continue adding to their track against a Real Canoe that could not stop the leader’s desire for victory. In this way, David Varela’s team became strong at the top of the table after their victory against a rival that could not stop their competitive momentum. Thus, the La Mancha managed to maintain the differences over a CB Sant Antoni Ibiza that recovered in a big way after the lost Cup final by beating Declor FG La Roda on its track. A result that allowed the Balearic Islands to recover a second place from which Mi Arquitecto Benicarló fell before a solvent El Ventero CBV.

On Sunday morning, double the games in the East with a very important victory for Hestia Menorca in the inter-island duel against the Herbalife Gran Canaria subsidiary. A match marked by the double digits of the French interior player Thomas Smallwood and that boosts the Balearic Islands in the table taking advantage of the defeat of a direct rival like FC Cartagena who could not beat a struggling Bàsquet Cornellá at home.


– The Ventero vs My Architect CB Benicarló (73-64) | MVP: V. Orlov – 21 val.
– Spare parts Gaudí CB Mollet vs Zentro Basket Madrid (80-83) | MVP: Y. Montero – 25 val.
– Bueno Arenas Albacete vs Real Canoe NC (87-72) | MVP: J. Santana – 24 val.
– Sant Antoni Ibiza vs Decolor FG La Roda (58-54) | MVP: B. Konate – 28 val.
– FC Cartagena vs Basketball Cornellá (77-82) | MVP: M. Kimrough – 17 val.
– Hestia Menorca vs. Herbalife Gran Canaria (77-64) | MVP: T. Smallwood – 24 val.
– Safir Fruits Alginet vs Valencia BC (64-56) | MVP: R. Gadiliauskas – 24 val.

– CB Marbella vs. Aquimisa Carbajosa (58-71) | MVP: S. Djitte – 27 val.
– Ponferrada Clinic vs. Allega Cantabria Group (60-73) | MVP: A. Marin – 22 val.
– Teknei Bizkaia Zornotza vs Hereda Ourense (81-73) | MVP: A. Cabrera – 24 val.
– Tizona Univ. Burgos vs. Melilla Sport Capital (90-71) | MVP: M. Fall – 23 val.
– Circle Gijon vs Damex UDEA Algeciras (72-95) | MVP: J. Reynolds – 34 val.
– Reina Yogurt Clavijo vs. EnerParking BNC (94-87) | MVP: A. Norris – 27 val.

– Zamora Enamora vs Círculo Gijón | ChannelFEB.tv

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