J.23: Tickets for the Final Phase of ISE Almería and Vega Lagunera Toyota, in advance

There are only three days left for the end of the Regular League and that end will be reached with several tickets already awarded for the Final Phase. Because after Unilever Viladecans passed in Group B, two teams have left their classification open for judgment this weekend from Group A. And the fact is that the victories of ISE CB Almerías and Vega Lagunera Adareva leave both teams with more standing and a half in a phase for which they are pending the postponed duel of Melilla Sport Capital.


Little things have changed after the course of Day 23 that has brought the first classified closer to a Final Phase that was already a reality for Unilever Viladecans, but that will have to wait at least a few more hours to be able to mathematically confirm some ISE CB Almería and Vega Lagunera Toyota who did their homework in their respective meetings.

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Without too many surprises, Group A of the LF2 began this weekend a new stage on its way to the Final Phase. A day in which the top three classified did not fail, with victory for ISE CB Almería in their feud against the Compostela Institute and its corresponding reply by a Vega Lagunera Toyota who worked hard to win their visit to GDKO Ibaizabal. In this way, both teams left a virtual classification for judgment, but not mathematical given the triumph of Melilla Sport Capital against Mariscos Antón Cortegada. A result that will force both to wait for a postponed match that will also see a CB Arxil who won the derby against Maristar Coruña to stay just one step away. It will be a little more complicated for Unicaja after the defeat suffered against a MagecTías Clvdg that achieved a double victory with which to finish ensuring permanence. For its part, Asisa Alhaurín de la Torre confirmed its relegation after not being able to add positively in a weekend that prevents them from reaching twelfth place.

For its part, Group B left us with a new defeat, the second in a row, for Unilever Viladecans for whom the Catalan derby against GEiEG Girona did not go as planned. A day in which the Segle XXI continued to do their own thing to reinforce their status as leaders and in which Fustecma NBF Castelló was able to score at home against Azulejos Moncayo to survive the pressure that came through the Girona victory. Important victory also for the Anagan Stadium Casablanca by beating Wintym Sant Adrià to be able to dream of the Final Phase. Below, a double home defeat for the already relegated Olympic District and Asnimo Ágora Portals.


– Milar Cordoba BF vs. Asisa Alhaurin de la Torre (70-64) | MVP: Z. Licskai – 34 val.
– Unicaja vs Magectías CVG (59-68) | MVP: R. Rodriguez – 24 val.
– GDKO Ibaizabal vs. Vega Lagunera Toyota (50-55) | MVP: F. Fofana – 27 val.
– Melilla Sport Capital vs Mariscos Anton Cortegada (64-59) | MVP: A. Traore – 35 val.
– Maristas Coruña vs CB Arxil (74-90) | MVP: A. Griffin – 27 val.
– BF León vs HGB Ausarta Barakaldo (72-54) | MVP: A. Johnson – 27 val.
– Ingenia Solar Energy vs. Inst. Compostela (59-51) | MVP: S. Correidora – 19 val.

– Germans Homs Mataró vs Olympic District (75-53) | MVP: A. Magriña – 33 val.
– Segle XXI vs Asnimo Ágora Portals (76-33) | MVP: E. Buenavida – 33 val.
– Picken Claret vs Ekke CB Lleida (60-51) | MVP: M. Gonzalez – 26 val.
– Unilever Viladecans vs GEiEG (61-63) | MVP: F. Parra – 18 val.
– Anagán St. Casablanca vs. Wintym Sant Adrià (51-41) | MVP: A. Tainta – 24 val.
– Fustecma NBF Castelló vs Azulejos Moncayo (68-41) | MVP: D. Evans – 17 val.
– Basket Almeda vs C. Sant Josep Obrer (68-41) | MVP: A. Barneda – 22 val.

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