Movistar Estudiantes had a quieter night than expected at the Wi-Zink Center, but out of the corner of their eyes they saw their direct rival pull off a very complicated match. Covirán Granada overcame the disadvantage of the first quarter and hit the table in the fight for direct promotion.

FORECASTS: 5/9 in the pool of… David Cuellar (ICG Força Lleida)

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Two teams faced each other in Fontajau in a positive dynamic: the leader Covirán Granada and Marc Gasol’s Bàsquet Girona for the first time in playoff positions. A very tactical match that began with local advantages with Josep Franch controlling the ‘tempo’. But after passing through the changing rooms, the clash changed hands and Lluis Costa took over the helm. Baskets at key moments, assists and a recital of knowledge of the game at key moments. The Andalusians get the 19th victory and put another notch in their great season.

Meanwhile, at the WiZink Center, Movistar Estudiantes recovered from the defeat against CB Prat, dominating a Tau Castelló team that did not have its best day. The 32 points in the first quarter allowed Jota Cuspinera not to accumulate more minutes than necessary for his reference. The success in the triple (14 of 28) and the 19 losses of the Castellón players were key for Movistar Estudiantes to reach 100 points for the first time this season. And in the last match on Wednesday, local victory for Unicaja Banco Oviedo against UEMC Real Valladolid with a great performance by Oliver Arteaga (16+9) and the best match in Spain by Colombian Hanzel Atencia.

On Wednesday the bulk of the day was played with another important game for the upper zone in which Easycharger Palencia was superior to Leyma Coruña. Pedro Rivero’s men were more successful in the outside shot (11 triples to only 4 by the Galicians) and with four players scoring in double digits (Speight, Rubio, Allen and Blumbergs) they won a comfortable victory in the fourth table square. Who continues without fail is Michael Carrera’s ICG Força Lleida, who beat Cáceres, a World Heritage Site, with the Venezuelan signing a spectacular 28+10.

And the lower zone is compressed with victories for some of the teams involved. Levitec Huesca returned to winning ways against Acusan Gipuzkoa who collapsed in the second half. Lorenzo Encinas’ men scored 52 points before the break and only 16 in the following 20 minutes. With Jorge Lafuente and Rafa Casanova at the helm, the Aragonese resist being evicted. Juaristi ISB gets some air with an offensive recital, surpassing 100 points and dominating Palma Alma Mediterránea with Pavel Savkov in MVP mode. CB Almansa with Afanion also escaped from the hot zone after winning in Melilla with a superb Jalen Nesbitt.


– Basketball Girona vs Covirán Granada (55-66) | MVP: Marc Gasol – 15 val
– Movistar Students vs. TAU Castelló (100-69) | MVP: Ó Alvarado and F Stutz – 22 val
– Unicaja Banco Oviedo vs UEMC Real Valladolid (88-71) | MVP: Oliver Arteaga – 23 val
– ICG Força Lleida vs Cáceres P. Humanity (95-84) | MVP: Michael Carrera – 43 val
– Levitec Huesca La Magia vs. Acunsa Gipuzkoa (85-68) | MVP: Jorge Lafuente – 19 ok
– Juaristi ISB vs. Palmer AM Palma (101-80) | MVP: Pavel Savkov – 27 val
– EasyCharger Palencia vs. Leyma Coruña (80-67) | MVP: John Rubio – 19 ok
– HLA Alicante vs. CB Prat (73-63) | MVP: Osvaldas Matulionis – 28 val
– Melilla Sport Capital vs CB Almansa with Afanion (69-84) | MVP: Jalen Nesbitt – 37 val