It is still far from the top of the table and with a negative win-loss balance (11-13), but in terms of squad, history and basketball, Lointek Gernika is still one of the big teams of the season. In the Basket Girlz day, Mario López’s team played a great match defeating Durán Maquinaria Ensino with Tinara Moore shining in both zones.

The American center matched the season’s PIR cap (42), which Kennedy Burke, the SPAR Girona power forward, had alone. Moore scored 31 points on a brutal series of 13 of 14 shots from two; he grabbed 9 rebounds and was fouled 6 times. A stellar performance that served for a new victory for the Basque team.

Anecdotal section:

Tinara Moore played two previous seasons at LF Endesa: the first at Valencia BC and the second, that of her explosion, at Cadí La Seu. She there she got two weekly MVPs and the titles of best center of the season and best player of that 2019/20 campaign, the one of the pandemic that did not have a champion team, but MVP of the season.

He is the first MVP of the year for Lointek Gernika, a team with a more choral basketball that does not stand out for individual awards. The last one achieved by the Biscayan team is that of Rosó Buch on matchday 10 of last season.

The ideal quintet of the day:

This day 24 leaves us with a quintet of long-distance shooters, with a fantastic record of 18 triples (highlighting the 6 by Mariona Ortiz and the 5 by Vega Gimeno and Jovana Nogic). A quintet of great scoring power that has the Movistar Estudiantes player abroad (a point guard who can play in three positions) and the escort from Campus Promete (the threat from abroad). Of course, while Mariona Ortiz finished her performance with the joy of victory, Jovana Nogic could not get anything positive out of her visit to the Canary Islands.

The interior trident is made up of Rebekah Gardner, who returns to great performances with the game in Donostia; Vega Gimeno, who had an almost perfect match against Valencia BC; and the MVP Tinara Moore, who symbolizes the resurgence of Lointek Gernika.

Base: Marion Ortiz (Movistar Estudiantes) 25 val: 20 points (6/7 T3), 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery and 3 fouls received
Shooting guard: Jovana Nogic (Campus Promete): 29 val: 24 points (5/10 T3 and 7/7 TL), 5 assists, 4 rebounds and 2 recoveries
Eaves: Rebekah Gardner (SPAR Girona): 30 val: 21 points (5/5 T2 and 2/5 T3), 9 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 recoveries
Power forward: Vega Gimeno (Casademont Zaragoza) 26 val: 24 points (5/8 T3 and 5/5 TL), 5 rebounds, 2 assists and 5 fouls received
Pivot: Tinara Moore (Lointek Gernika) 42 val: 31 points (13/14 T2 and 5/6 TL), 9 rebounds and 6 fouls received

Season Stats – Tinara Moore

Games played: 24
Minutes: 23.34
Points: 11.3
Rebounds: 5.5
Assists: 0.9
Recoveries: 0.5
Plugs: 0.2
Fouls received: 3.1
Rating: 13.1

Sports career – Tinara Moore

Formation: Southgate Anderson High School (USA)
2014/18: Central Michigan University (NCAA – USA)
2018/19: Valencia Basket (LF Endesa)
2019/20: Cadí La Seu (LF Endesa)
2020/21: Cegled (Hungary)
2021/22: Lointek Gernika (LF Endesa)