In the opening match of the day, an authoritative victory for Covirán Granada on their court against Unicaja Banco Oviedo, who could do little against the solid leader of the category. A match in which Thomas Bropleh commanded from the perimeter and in which the solid start to the game was decisive for a new victory for the Andalusian team.


Add and follow Covirán Granada at the head of the classification table in a LEB Gold League in which Pablo Pin’s men have given a new sign of strength by overwhelmingly beating Unicaja Banco Oviedo.

FORECASTS: 7/9 in the pool of… Xavi Rey (Levitec Huesca La Magia)

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They were the first to jump onto the court and the Covirán Granada players did not miss the opportunity. Because the category leader was able to reinforce his condition on a Saturday night in which Unicaja Banco Oviedo could do little as it passed through the sports palace. A Pablo Pin was in charge of it, who knew how to spur his players on in search of an almost perfect first quarter and in which the good work of his players on both sides of the track began to leave some clues as to where the game could go. match. All this with Thomas Bropleh as the flag bearer from an outside line on which the Nasrids based much of their strength (46-43). It was after passing through the locker room that things began to get complicated for Unicaja Banco Oviedo, who found it difficult to feel comfortable in attack, thus reducing his defensive capacity against a rival that did not stop growing. Lluis Costa and Christian Díaz, who were impeccable in the direction, commissioned this to be able to certify a new victory (96-68).

In this way, the pressure passed from Granada to the Municipal de Almansa where Movistar Estudiantes was going to play a complicated match in which, however, they knew how to play their cards perfectly. Because with solid work behind, the team was able to control the tempo of the game until culminating in a victory that allowed Jota Cuspinera’s men to become strong in the upper part together with the Nasrids. Because, from Valladolid lands, one of the “surprises” of the day arrived with the defeat of ICG Força Lleida on the track of a needy UEMC Real Valladolid. A match in which Paco García’s debut and Wintering’s good work were enough to boost a team that was able to recover one of its best versions.

Although one of the most anticipated duels of the day came on Sunday afternoon with the solid victory of Bàsquet Girona at Riazor, a real step forward led by the Gasol – Djellerup duo and which represents an important emotional reinforcement against a Leyma Coruña team that could not take the initiative of the meeting. Visiting victory that the EasyCharger Palencia emulated in San Sebastián with a great job from the outside line led by the infallible Noah Allen.

In the double duel for permanence, victories at their courts of CB Prat and Palmer Alma Mediterránea to take a breather against two direct rivals such as Juaristi ISB and Levitec Huesca. Two vibrant games that preceded the defeat of TAU Castelló in their feud in the derby against HLA Alicante who played their cards in the key moments of the game to take the victory.


– Covirán Granada vs. Unicaja Banco Oviedo (96-68) | MVP: T. Bropleh – 28 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs ICG Força Lleida (78-64) | MVP: A. Wintering – 21 val.
– Cáceres P. Humanity vs. Melilla Sport Capital (79-75) | MVP: M. Rodriguez – 25 val.
– CB Almansa with Afanion vs Movistar Students (68-84) | MVP: N. Durisic – 21 val.
– Leyma Coruña vs Basketball Girona (72-96) | MVP: M. Fjellerup – 24 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs EasyCharger Palencia (68-74) | MVP: N. Allen – 25 val.
– CB Prat vs. Juaristi ISB (96-78) | MVP: T. Crockett – 25 val.
– Palmer AM Palma vs Levitec Huesca (86-61) | MVP: W. Van Beck – 25 val.
– TAU Castelló vs HLA Alicante (69-73) | MVP: O. Alvarado – 22 val.

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