The first victory of the day is already in the locker of a Valencia Basket that did not have a much less placid match against a Spar Gran Canaria that arrived at La Fonteta ready to surprise, but succumbed at the hands of a Cristina Ouviña who decided in the decisive moments of the match.

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Valencia Basket faced its second match in just 48 hours and it did so against a SPAR Gran Canaria team that had arrived at La Fonteta ready to surprise. A team that managed to withstand the first offensive shot of Rubén Burgos’s men to charge an inside game that was key when it came to staying in the game. Especially after signing a 7-0 that allowed the Canarian team to be able to reverse the electronic to be able to reach the break ahead. With good emotional support after a solid first half, SPAR Gran Canaria returned to the court ready to maintain their inertia, but it was then that the figure of a Cristina Ouviña began to emerge and began to control the tempo of the match. Thus, with the Aragonese playing at will and moving the team at will, Valencia Basket was able to regain control until it secured a cemented victory through its greatest success in the key moments of the match (67-61).

Two days later, Casademont Zaragoza claimed the focus of the day on a Saturday afternoon-night in which their visit to Mendizorrotza was going to result in the mathematical classification for the Playoffs for the title. Because Carlos Cantero’s players did not fail at home in a duel in which Vega Gimeno put her heart on the court to infect his teammates with his talent. Thus, the Maño squad signed a great start to the match that was decisive when it came to being able to take the initiative. Because, no matter how hard Kutxabank Araski tried, the victory ended up falling at the hands of an unstoppable Casademont Zaragoza at key moments (69-79).

Before, the Cadí La Seu had been able to prevail in his feud against a Tenerife fighter in a match in which the Canary Islands fought until the last quarter in which the forces dissolved for those of Claudio García. A valuable clash for a Cadí La Seu in the face of their maturation as a team for the playoffs, but that took its toll with the injury of Irati Etxarri who had to retire after a bad step (80-65).

Already in the afternoon-night of Sunday, the day attended four authentic matches in which the emotion was not lacking. Especially in the Europa Pavilion where Innova-tsn Leganés beat IDK Euskotren by a single point in a duel in which Pierre Louise’s 41 PIR goals were a very heavy burden for the Basque team (66-65). And those at the top did not fail either, although, on this occasion, both Perfumerías Avenida and Spar Girona had to work hard to prevail over their respective rivals. In the case of the leader, in their duel in Logroño against Campus Promete (55-67) and, in that of the Girona team, against Movistar Estudiantes who had a hard time finding themselves in attack (51-42). An afternoon that was completed with a new step in front of Durán Maquinaria Ensino in their feud against a Baxi Ferrol that could not add due to permanence (72-63).

The day concluded on Monday night with the game in which Pajariel Bembibre took another step forward in their fight for permanence against a demanding rival like Lointek Gernika. A clash in which Pepe Vázquez’s men put their hearts on the court to beat a rival who tried until the last breath. But the final two triples by Roselis Silva were not enough to reverse his luck (78-75).


– Valencia Basket vs Spar Gran Canaria (67-61) | MVP: C. Ouviña – 26 val.
– Cadi La Seu vs. Tenerife (80-65) | MVP: T. Plaisance – 28 val.
– Kutxabank Araski vs. Casademont Zaragoza (69-79) | MVP: A. Delaere – 26 val.
– Innova-tsn Leganés vs IDK Euskotren (66-65) | MVP: V. Pierre Louise – 41 val.
– Promete Campus vs Perfumeries Avenue (55-67) | MVP: J. Nogic – 18 val.
– Spar Girona vs. Movistar Students (51-42) | MVP: J. Reisingerova – 27 val.
– Duran Machinery Ensino vs BAXI Ferrol (72-63) | MVP: C. Large – 22 val.
– Amb. Pajariel Bembibre vs. Lointek Gernika (78-75) | MVP: K. Lass – 20 val.