Neither Covirán Granada nor Movistar Estudiantes failed on a Tuesday night in which, however, their matches had a very different course with a comfortable victory for Pablo Pin’s men and a tight win after a comeback by Jota Cuspinera’s men. All this in order to stay jointly at the top of the table before their double duel between the Cup and the League.

FORECASTS: 3/4 in the pool of… Atou Diagne (Leyma Coruña)

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They were the first to jump onto the court and Pablo Pin’s players did not miss their goal in a match resolved without excessive rushing. Because from the initial jump, Covirán Granada showed its desire to win against a Melilla Sport Capital that could do little against the push of its rival. Because Lluis Costa’s leadership made a difference on the court, quickly putting up 8-10 points in favor of a team whose line of play was constant throughout the rest of the game. Defensive solidity, good pace of play, balance between the lines, work under the hoops… Too much for a Melilla Sport Capital that tried to resist with the points of an insufficient perimeter in the face of the great work of the Nasrid rotation (98-70).

Something more complicated was the match played by Movistar Estudiantes that did not get off to a good start at the historic Pisuerga Sports Center. Because the two consecutive victories in his locker boosted Paco García’s men at the start of the match in which Alec Winterinc imposed the rhythm of the game from Valladolid (20-12). In this way, the locals found offensive fluidity to shine their attacks and reach the break with a comfortable income in their favor (+11). It seemed that the night could get complicated for the Madrid team, but Jota Cuspinera’s harangue in the changing rooms paid off in the restart with a step forward in defense with which he left his rival with just 5 points scored over 10 minutes . Without a doubt, the perfect seed when it came to being able to germinate a comeback that germinated minutes later with a solid management of the final stages to be able to think, now, about the WiZink Center cup final (62-66).

A few hours later, Son Moix hosted one of the most vibrant and even duels of the day with the visit of an EasyCharger Palencia who was able to prevail in extra time. And that Palmer AM Palma came to have the game in their hands with a four-point advantage in the last minute of the fourth period, but the success of Palencia’s outside play and the solidity of their pivots on the rebound forced the fifth fourth against a rival who even had a winning ball. Already in added time, the greater confidence of Pedro Rivero’s men was more than enough to be able to impose their pace of play and take victory with them to Palencia (82-86). For its part, CB Almansa barely gave Juaristi ISB a chance to win with a highly inspired Manex Ansorregui who, however, was not enough to neutralize an intractable Eddy Polanco on the local side. A decisive player for the La Mancha to leave the permanence in the virtually tied category (89-73).


– Covirán Granada vs. Melilla Sport Capital (98-70) | MVP: Lluís Costa – 18 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs Movistar Students (62-66) | MVP: K. Larsen – 18 val.
– Palmer AM Palma vs EasyCharger Palencia (82-86) | MVP: W. Van Beck – 26 val.
– CB Almansa with Afanion vs. Juaristi ISB (89-73) | MVP: E. Polanco – 26 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs. Unicaja Banco Oviedo (Th-7:30 p.m.) |
– Levitec Huesca vs Bàsquet Girona (Thursday-8:30 p.m.) |
– Leyma Coruña vs ICG Força Lleida (Thursday-8:30 p.m.) |
– TAU Castelló vs CB Prat (J-20:45h) |
– Cáceres P. Humanity vs HLA Alicante (Thu-9:00 p.m.) |