They beat a direct rival like Mi Arquitecto Benicarló and they did so by raising the average, which has helped Bueno Arenas Albacete to certify their classification for promotion from the Eastern Conference. A team that expects a rival from a West in which the defeat of the Grupo Alega Cantabria in their fief increases the chances of Hereda Ourense before their direct duel in the Pazo, which Teknei Zornotza will look askance at.


The LEB Plata League already has its first finalist in the fight for direct promotion to the LEB Oro League after the solid victory of Bueno Arenas Albacete against Mi Arquitecto Benicarló who let an average escape that would have allowed him to maintain certain possibilities facing the last two days in which the finalist of the Western Conference will be decided.

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The Eastern Conference has already resolved its noble zone with what happened on a round Saturday night for the interests of Bueno Arenas Albacete. Because David Varela’s team took advantage of the defeat of Sant Antoni Ibiza in their fiefdom and against Zentro Basket to sign in El Parque the necessary result to certify the classification. Because the people of La Mancha not only prevailed over Mi Arquitecto Benicarló but they even did so by certifying an average factor with which to leave their classification for sentencing. In this way, the group was resolved at the top and slightly at the bottom where the victory of Safir Fruits Alginet condemned El Ventero CBV to relegation, which was of little use to him and his direct duel on Sunday against Herbalife Gran Canaria.

Much more complex will be the resolution of the Western Conference in its upper part and where the direct duel between Hereda Ourense and Grupo Alega Cantabria could be decisive during the next day. All this after the defeat of the Cantabrian team in their feud against a solid Aquimisa Carbajosa that thus gave a greater number of options to a Galician team that prevailed in Andalusia against CB Marbella. A confrontation that will boost one or the other and that will not nullify the options of a Teknei Zornotza who will have to win their two games and wait after their victory at home against CB Morón. Because the average won against the Cantabrians and Galicians is the main asset of the Basque team.


– R. Gaudí Mollet vs. Hestia Menorca (54-102) | MVP: M. Gueye – 29 val.
– Valencia BC vs CB Cornellá (76-72) | MVP: G. Bressan – 28 val.
– Bueno Arenas Albacete vs My Architect Benicarló (77-72) | MVP: V. Moreno – 20 val.
– Safir Fruits Alginet vs Decolor FG La Roda (64-61) | MVP: R. Gadiliauskas – 21 val.
– Sant Antoni Ibiza Feeling vs Zentro Basket (81-86) | MVP: V. Gielen – 21 val.
– FC Cartagena vs. Real Canoe (82-73) | MVP: J. Bitjaa – 25 val.
– El Ventero CBV vs. Herbalife Gran Canaria (D-12:30 p.m.) |

– Zamora Enamora vs Damex UDEA Algeciras (86-76) | MVP: J. Solarin – 35 val.
– CB Marbella vs Hereda Ourense (50-63) | MVP: T. Cameron – 20 val.
– Group Alleges Cantabria vs. Aquimisa Carbajosa (93-96) | MVP: S. Djitte – 33 val
– Clinica Ponferrada CDP vs. Melilla Sport Capital (90-94) | MVP: I. Cadiau – 28 val.
– Reina Yogurt Clavijo vs. Círculo Gijón (101-81) | MVP: Y. Sakhniuk – 24 val.
– Tizona Burgos vs. EnerParking Navarra (75-80) | MVP:
– Teknei Bizkais Zornotza vs CB Morón (59-49) | MVP: R. Agbeko – 14 val.

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