The afternoon began with a surprise in Prince Felipe and it is that the Casademont Zaragozaled by an unstoppable Merrit Hempe, beat the Spar Girona by 72 to 64. The second quarter was the turning point for a team from Aragon that has won three in a row.

The defeat of Spar Girona gave the Valencia Basketball the opportunity to settle in second place and it is that with the victory at home over the Duran Machinery Ensino (64-74), the Taronja team has 24 wins compared to 21 for the Gironí team, although the latter still has two games to recover.

Another team forced to win to safeguard their place was the IDK Euskotren. With the triumph of Casademont Zaragoza, Azu Muguruza’s team could lose their fifth place, but guided by an imposing Maria Coulibaly, the Basque team won with solvency Cadi La Seu (72-54). Although this victory is not enough for IDK Euskotren to reach fourth place belonging to the team from Urge, it is a declaration of intent for a possible confrontation in the Playoffs.

Being in the top eight is also the objective of the Lointek Gernika Bizkaiawhich was consecrated in Miribilla with a victory over Promise Campus. The team from Gernikarra resumes the path of victory and rises to eighth position, but will have to wait for what Spar Gran Canaria does tomorrow.

The bitter face of the day was left by the BAXI Ferrolwhich yielded to Kutxabank Araski (42-62) Missing out on a valuable opportunity to escape danger posts.

On Sunday, Movistar Estudiantes won the grand prize of the day with their victory over Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre at the Wizink Center. A duel that meant their mathematical classification for the Playoffs on a day in which the face of disappointment came from Ferrol, where Baxi Ferrol fell in category from a distance after Tenerife’s victory in the Canarian derby against Spar Gran Canaria.


– Casademont Zaragoza vs Spar Girona (72-64) | MVP: Merrit Hempe – 19 val.
– Lointek Gernika Bizkaia vs Campus Promete (75-56) | MVP: Melissa Bracaninovic – 31 val.
– IDK Euskotren vs. Cadí La Seu (74-54) | MVP: Mariam Coulibaly – 38 val.
– Duran Machinery Ensino vs. Valencia Basket (64-74) | MVP: Natalie Van den Adel – 23 val.
– BAXI Ferrol vs Kutxabank Araski (42-62) | MVP: Tanaya Atkinson – 23 val.
– Tenerife vs. Spar Gran Canaria (78-73) | MVP: T. Plaisance – 30 val.
– Movistar Students vs. Pajariel Bembibre (71-53) | MVP: V. Llorente – 21 val