In a direct duel for ninth place, Lima-Horta Barcelona has qualified for the Playoffs for promotion after beating Un Sinergia Sol. Real Canoe in their fiefdom, who bid farewell to the Final Phase. Some qualifiers that will look for their definitive crosses next weekend and in which the Hozono Global Jairis will start with an advantage when it comes to being able to take home court advantage after having won the CAB Estepona Jardín Costa del Sol in the great game of the day.


With only 40 minutes of play to close the Regular League, the LF Challenge left its Playoffs this weekend seen for judgment with the classification of Lima Horta Barcelona. In this way, the last day will determine both the home court factor and the direct confrontations towards the Final Four for the second promotion place.

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After proclaiming themselves League champions last weekend, Barça CBS faced their last outing of the season to travel to Vigo. A locality in which Isaac Fernández’s players have made no concessions against a Celta Zorka Recalvi who knew how to play their cards, but who could not prevail in the final stretch of a match in which the Blaugrana turned their confidence into a new victory ( 65-71).

In this way, the Catalan team rounded off the first place in an LF Challenge that in turn left the Playoffs for the second place for promotion with the victory of Lima Horta Barcelona in their direct duel against a Sinergia Real Canoe that had arrived to Barcelona with the illusion of being able to prevail and even be able to snatch the average. But the solid match of the Catalans (60-45) ended up depriving their rival of a ticket that will lead the team to qualify as ninth while waiting for a rival that, at the moment, would be Hozono Global Jairis. Because the Murcians did not fail in a great game against CAB Estepona of the inspired Ana Pocek to depend solely on themselves on the last day (77-55).

And if that second place is not yet mathematical for the Murcians, it is due to the victory of Recoletas Zamora who will exploit their options to the fullest after having imposed themselves on Hierros Díaz Extremadura who could do little during their visit to Ángel Nieto (88-44). Although one of the surprises of the day came from Alcobendas where the Vantage Tower was carried away by the success of Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres (62-74) on a night in which the Manuela Fund. Raca was placed at the wheel of Madrid with his victory against Osés Adoi with which to definitively close his field advantage in the first round (63-69).

The day was completed with the victory of Azkoitia Azpeitia as a tribute to their fans in the visit of NB Paterna (85-80) as well as the victory of Joventut Badalona in the Catalan derby against Advisoria Mataró Maresme (68-46).


– Celta Zorka Recalvi vs Barça CBS (65-71) | MVP:
– Joventut Badalona vs Advisoria Mataró (68-46) | MVP:
– Azkoitia Azpeitia ISB vs NB Paterna (85-80) | MVP: M. Jaksic – 33 val.
– Recoletas Zamora vs Irons Diaz Extremadura Miral (88-44) | MVP:
– Osés Construction Ardoi vs. Manuela Fundación Raca (63-69) | MVP:
– Vantage Towers Alcobendas vs Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres (62-74) | MVP: A. Molle – 31 val.
– Hozono Global Jairis vs CAB Estepona JCDS (77-55) | MVP: A. Pocek – 27 val.
– Lima Horta Barcelona vs Sinergia S. Real Canoe (60-45) | MVP:

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