In its first three games, played on Friday night, the LEB Oro League reinforced the Playoff wishes of the three teams that played as locals. Some Leyma Coruña, Cáceres P. Humanity and EasyCharger Palencia who knew how to take advantage of the support of their fans to prevail over their rivals in a day of high scores. Covirán Granada and Movistar Estudiantes hope to “escape” from the Playoffs, who kept their pulse at the top of the table with their respective triumphs.

FORECASTS: The pool of… Robertas Grabauskas (CB Almansa with Afanion)

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They have had to work hard to achieve it, but Leyma Coruña is already a Playoffs team after the triumph harvested by Sergio García’s team against Juaristi ISB. A clash in which the Coruñeses once again showed their best offensive version in order to prolong their positive streak. Although a large part of “blame” was a truly spectacular Mo Soluade on both sides of the track to be able to infect his teammates with his game. In this way, the Coruñeses certified their classification for the Playoffs for promotion against a Juaristi ISB whose permanence will have to wait (95-87).

For its part, EasyCharger Palencia managed to break its negative streak with a victory in its feud against Melilla Sport Capital, which could have taken a giant step towards its continuity in the category. But, on this occasion, the Barro duel was resolved in favor of the Palentino team on a night in which the home team managed to stay true to their usual pace of play to be able to certify the nineteenth of the season (84-77) . In parallel, Cáceres P. Humanity added the 17th on the court of a Multipurpose in which they raised a high pace of play to finish certifying the victory through their defensive solidity in a last quarter that deprived CB Almansa of any option of victory (95-89).

It was on Saturday afternoon when UEMC Real Valladolid achieved a new victory within the overwhelming return of Paco García to be able to maintain their Playoff aspirations against a TAU Castelló that was able to keep the direct average. A factor that brings a certain peace of mind to Toni Ten’s men as they wait for the final days with which to finish settling down (82-77).

It was on Sunday morning when the big matches of the days arrived with the arrival of Movistar Estudiantes at the Levitec Huesca court to sign an overwhelming victory. The widest since the arrival of Diego Epifanio to the Lugo bench to be able to opt for the leadership (49-83). A first place that they occupied alone for a few hours, specifically until a Covirán Granada came into play who did not fail in front of their public to resume the path of victory against a CB Prat whom they knew how to neutralize at all times (89-75). In between, a very important victory for Bàsquet Girona in the Catalan derby against ICG Força Lleida in a duel marked by the great performance of Josep Franch in the direction against a rival who missed his star Michael Carrera, down through suspension (79- 80).

For its part, Palmer Alma Mediterránea was able to take an important step forward in the fight for permanence by beating Unicaja Banco Oviedo in their fief, which was unable to contain one of the best Lundqvis of the season (74-69 ). And finally, Acunsa Gipuzkoa was able to clinch victory in the match that closed the day on Monday night after beating HLA Alicante. An even duel during its first half and that did not begin to settle until the final stretch where the circulation of Walloon by Lolo Encinas was decisive for their victory. With this, HLA Alicante lost its chances of being able to reach the Playoffs for promotion (72-68).


– Leyma Coruña vs. Juaristi ISB (95-87) | MVP: M. Soluade – 30 val.
– Cáceres P. Humanity vs CB Almansa with Afanion (95-89) | MVP: B. Mbala – 23 val.
– Easycharger Palencia vs Melilla Sport Capital (84-77) | MVP: S. Mud – 28 val.
– UEMC Real Valladolid vs TAU Castelló (82-77) | MVP: A. Wintering – 21 val.
– Levitec Huesca The Magic vs Movistar Students (49-83) | MVP: J. Dee – 18 val.
– Basketball Girona vs ICG Força Lleida (97-80) | MVP: J. Franch – 28 val.
– Palmer Alma Medit. vs Unicaja Banco Oviedo (74-69) | MVP: K. Lundqvist – 27 val.
– Covirán Granada vs. CB Prat (89-75) | MVP: P. Thomas – 23 val.
– Acunsa Gipuzkoa vs HLA Alicante (72-68) | MVP: Z. Hearst – 28 val.