He is completing his second season in LEB Oro in his third different team. Trained in the Valencia Basket youth academy, he went through Tau Castelló (5.8 points per game) and Zunder Palencia (3.3), before joining Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma (10.1). In Mallorca he is giving the best of himself in a complicated situation with the ghost of relegation very close.

On Friday he played one of his best games. He scored 20 points, shooting 8-of-13; he captured 17 rebounds, distributed 1 assist, put up 1 block and received 10 fouls, for a total of 32 PIR points. On the negative side, the defeat in extra time against the World Heritage Cáceres, which leaves them in a very difficult situation in the fight for permanence.

Anecdotal section:

Tomas Pavelka’s MVP is the third for the Mallorcan team, after Elijah Brown (matchday 26) and Wesley Van Beck (matchday 27). It has been a difficult year for Palmer Alma Mediterránea, with many changes in the squad and always at the bottom of the table. The Slovak is one of the players who arrived in the middle of the season, along with Robert Cosialls, Elijah Brown or Pavel Boykov.

The ideal quintet of the day:

Day 32 leaves us a quintet without national representatives. The outside line is completely American, with scorers such as the HLA Alicante point guard Zaid Hearst, a regular in the section in recent days; Zunder Palencia shooting guard, Prince Ali, one of the protagonists of his team’s victory at WiZink; and the Unicaja Bando Oviedo forward, Sean McDonnell, who continues to grow this season. The three also saw the victory of their respective teams.

And inside, a heterogeneous duo like the one formed by Michael Carrera, once again fundamental in his ICG Força Lleida; and Tomas Pavelka, the Slovakian giant who has won the MVP of the day.

Base: Zaid Hearst (HLA Alicante) 31 val: 25 points (7/7 T2 and 2/5 T3), 5 rebounds, 2 recoveries and 5 fouls received
Shooting guard: Prince Ali (Zunder Palencia): 25 val: 22 points (9/11 T2), 3 rebounds, 3 recoveries and 1 foul received.
Eaves: Sean McDonnell (Unicaja Banco Oviedo): 26 val: 17 points (3/5 T2 and 5/6 TL), 3 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 recoveries
Power forward: Michael Carrera (ICG Força Lleida): 29 val: 23 points (8/13 T2 and 4/6 TL), 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 6 fouls received
Pivot: Thomas Pavelka (Palmer AM Palma) 32 val: 20 points (8/13 T2 and 4/9 TL), 17 rebounds, 1 assist and 10 fouls received

Season statistics – Tomas Pavelka

Games played: 21
Minutes: 23.2
Points: 10.1
Rebounds: 7.4
Assists: 0.6
Recoveries: 0.4
Caps: 2.2
Fouls received: 4.8
Rating: 17.0

Sports career – Tomas Pavelka

Cat. Formation: Better Academy Prague and Valencia BC
2018/20: Valencia BC (EBA League)
2020/21: Tau Castello (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Zunder Palencia (LEB Gold)
2021/22: Palmer AM Palma (LEB Gold)